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Sunset Delight – Intro

Imagine the sunniest and the hottest day we've had this summer and multiply it by ten — you'll get Sunset Delight. Featuring innovative and unique reels where various ice-cream flavours are scooped on top of each other, this Thunderkick mobile slot is the second installment of their scrumptious frozen treat themed games. So if you feel that this is something you'd enjoy playing, read all about the gameplay and the features of Sunset Delight slot and give it a try!

About The Slot
Sunset Scoops does not look like your ordinary slot game. The ice cream tumbles in from above and stack themselves neatly onto three ice cream cones below. You win cash if the same flavor ice cream appears on the same horizontal row, or diagonally across the screen. As you hit the Spin button, the cones whisk off the screen from left to right and new ice cream scoops fall from above.

In slots terminology, you could say that there are 3 reels and 5 paylines. It’s quite a simple game, especially when compared to games with tens or even hundreds of paylines. Each spin (or serving of ice cream) would cost you at least 10p, although you could up the stakes by betting £100 in a single spin.

Let’s get more technical. This game is rated as a low variance slot, which means that the wins are frequent but small. These kind of games are better suited to players with smaller budgets, or a lower risk appetites. The game’s return to player rate is 96.3%, which is pretty standard returns in the slot world. Next, the hit frequency of getting any win is 22.5%. On average, you’ll get a win one in every five times. I also learnt that the theoretical possibility of winning a big win is 1 in 111 while the theoretical possibility of scoring an Ultra Win is 1 in 693. That’s better than most lotteries!

Each ice cream flavor represents a different value slot symbol. There are seven different flavours that may appear – nutty chocolate, orange, lemon, swirly strawberry and a suspicious purple flavor. Perhaps it’s not ice-cream but fruity sherbet scoops instead. Anyway, you’ll want to look out for the nutty chocolate or the swirly strawberry with 7s on them. Remember, these ice cream scoops have got to line up either horizontally or diagonally. In my first few minutes of playing, I was always disappointed when all the similar flavours stacked up on the same ice cream cone but did not deliver cash.

The funky multicoloured ice cream scoop with sprinkles and a blue W on it is the game’s Wild symbol. As usual, the Wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols except the wafer scatters to complete winning paylines. It’s also the highest paying symbol – if you get 3 of these Wild scoops in a single cone, you’ll win 15x your bet!

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
The game is set against an old English seaside town. The game’s artist has drawn a seaside pier and a Ferris wheel in the background, complete with sparkly lights and twinkling stars. There’s breezy music playing too and an occasional seagull squawk. The animation is visually stunning. I love how the ice cream drops nicely down from the top of the screen. When you win, the cones give a little happy bounce too!

All of these elements combined really set the mood for light enjoyment. Imagine if you could actually play this game at a seaside pier, with the ice cream cone in one hand and your mobile phone in the other! You can take the enjoyment a step further by turning on the Autoplay feature. You can select to play 5 to 5,000 rounds without ever lifting a finger! Sunset Delight is playable on all HTML5 compatible devices. In other words, all laptops as well as most smartphones and tablets.

Game Features


Return to player

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Maximum bet (£)

Game Features: Extra Spins, Win Multipliers!
Do you like wafers on your ice cream cone? You definitely will in Sunset Delight! These wafers act as scatter symbols, serving up extra spins and multipliers. If you score three wafers anywhere on the three cones, you’ll get 5 extra spins and start the bonus game. During these extra spin rounds, even more wafers are programmed to appear. These bonus wafers would either give you extra extra spins or multipliers. If the Scatter symbol reads “+1 Spin”, you’ll get an additional extra spin to add to your tally. Meanwhile, if the symbol reads “+1 Step”, the multiplier ladder increases by 1. The multiplier ladder goes as high as 100x!

Sunset Delight — Win Multiplier Wheel
TDo you like extra scoops of ice cream? Well, who doesn’t? In this game, extra ice cream scoops means multipliers; by 15x all the way up to 100x. This in turn means more cash. The game typically gives out 15x to 20x multipliers. Only if you’re extremely lucky will you unlock the larger multipliers. Theoretically, you can create ice cream towers as high as 20 scoops of ice-cream (or 100x multiplier!) It’s these extra spins that makes Sunset Scoops so delicious.

Thunderkick’s slots never disappoint. Their slots are extremely novel – Exqueleto Explosivo features Mexican skulls that explode when you hit spin and sing when you win. Fruit Warp features fruits that float about on the screen; you’ll win if similar fruits appear on the screen at the same time. Another favorite of mine is the Barber Shop. This game is set in a hipster barbershop, where cartoon-style men sporting a variety of beards, moustaches and outlandish facial hair are lined up for their haircut. Besides the style, this game offers profitable Locking Wins, Respins and Inwinity Spins.

You’ll find innovative creations in Thunderkick’s entire slot game portfolio. I did a little Google search to learn more about the creative brains behind these games and learnt that it’s a young Swedish team. How I’d love to be a fly on a wall in their studio, so I can check out all the brilliant games they have in store for mobile casino players!

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