Siberian Storm Dual Play

Enjoy the makeover of an all time classic with the Siberian Storm Dual Play mobile slot by IGT, featuring 720 Ways to Win

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Siberian Storm Dual Play – Intro

What does a slot developer do when one particular slot is a runaway success? Reproduce it several times, each version better than the last! Siberian Storm is getting yet another makeover, especially since it wasn’t too long ago when they launched Siberian Storm Mega Jackpots (the same slot with a six-figure progressive jackpot). I thought they’d run out of ideas to refresh this old title, but of course, IGT proves me wrong.

The creative geniuses in the IGT gaming studio has found yet another way to improve it. Double the reels and double the fun! Hence the name, Dual Play. Together, this insane duo offers 1,440 ways to win and up to 480 extra spins! Don’t forget the extra multipliers and lots of Wild symbols, all stacked on that jumbo center reel that’s 10 symbols high. My friends, you’ve got yourself a real money-maker on your hands.

About The Slot
Siberian Storm is made up of two 5-reel slots. As you can see from the pictures below, these are two diamond-shaped reels stacked on top of each other. Each set of reels is made up of three spaces on the first reel, four on the second, five on the third, four on the fourth and three on the fifth and last reel.

Each set of reels offers 720 different ways to win. Combine this insane setup and you get over 1,440 ways to win! This translates to a payout percentage of 96.2%, which are pretty good odds for a real-money slot if you ask me. It might take a while for you to get a hang of how a game with so many winlines work, so let me try and walk you through an example.

Say you get a bunch of tiger symbols on the reels in this configuration:

  • 4 tiger on reel one
  • 3 tigers on reel 2
  • 2 tigers on reel 3

To calculate the number of ways that you’ve won, simply multiply the number of symbols in each column. That gives 4 x 3 x 2 = 24 ways to win. The math doesn’t stop there. From here, you multiply 24 by the payout for the tiger symbol. 24 ways to win X 12 coins per tiger = 288 coins

Games start from 75p per spin. This minimum bet is much higher than most slots out there, especially since many slots are offering small spins for mere pennies. However, Siberian Storm  Dual Play offers quite good value per penny, considering that you’re playing on two sets of reels at a time. The game has also built in plenty of room to up your wager when the opportunity arises, up to 75 quid per spin.

The symbols on the reels are quintessentially Siberian. The most common symbols are fossils encased in coloured ice/gemstones. The higher-value symbols include two different tigers and the eye of the tiger.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
IGT kept to the slot’s original theme. In case you haven’t played Siberian Storm has all the elements that you’d expect from a frigid theme like Siberia. There are white tigers and mammoths on the reels, icicles dripping off the slot dashboard and the bleakest wintery blue colour in the background.

One unique element about Siberian Storm Dual Play is that the game is displayed vertically on your phone or tablet screen. I suppose that’s the only way they’d fit so many reels and symbols on your tiny handheld device.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Game Features: Win Multipliers, Extra Spins!
Let’s start with the Wild symbols. Every game has them but not all games bring them out often. Siberian Storm Dual Play loads Wilds on the reels on almost every other spin. This is because the game has programmed for the Wilds to appear in stacks. Remember that Wild symbols can substitute all other symbols in a game to complete winning paylines. The more Wild symbols, the bigger your wins. Siberian Storm definitely generates most of its payouts through these fabulous symbols.

Notice that both reels on the screen share the common middle reel. This middle reel may be filled entirely with Wild symbols. Regardless of what position the wild symbols are on, they can multiply wins for both the top and bottom reel sets. You’ll receive these multipliers on top of every win.

The size of multipliers depends on how big a stack of symbols you get. Every similar symbol in the stack is equal to a 1x multiplier. If you get a stack of two symbols, that’s a 2x multiplier applied on your win. It is technically possible to get a stack of 10 similar symbols on the central reel, which multiplies your wins by ten times!

Last but not least, there are extra spins in Siberian Storm Dual Play. The reels are even richer during the extra spins. Of course, there’s a caveat. You’ll need at least 5 scatter symbols to trigger just eight extra spins. In other games, these are usually triggered with only three! Since the reels are enhanced during the free gameplay, you’ll also find it easier to retrigger extra spins. You can re-trigger the free game 60 times until you get 480 extra spins.

Siberian Storm Dual Play — Jewel in IGT’s Crown
Siberian Storm is the jewel in IGT’s crown. It may be a couple years old and it could even qualify as a relic of Internet gaming. The features are incredibly basic next to the innovative wonders of today. Yet, the slot still gets hundreds of thousands of spins on it each month. There’s just something about the underlying slot engine and the intoxicating pace of wins that attracts players. IGT isn’t resting on their laurels either.  They are refreshing and polishing this slot as often as they can. This most recent refresh with the Dual Play brand is definitely a good way to shake things up.

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Siberian Storm Dual Play mobile slot is an absolute classic and a this makeover by IGT sure does improve the experience it delivers

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