Hong Kong Tower

Get adventurous with the Hong Kong Tower mobile slot by Elk Gaming, featuring 99 paylines

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Hong Kong Tower – Intro

One of the joys of playing slots is that you can travel to mythical kingdoms and faraway lands from the palm of your hand. It’s like reading or watching a movie, only with real cash to be had at every junction. Anyway, here’s a new slot that will take you to one of the world’s busiest cities—Hong Kong. You’ll scale some of the highest skyscrapers and test your luck in the gorgeous feature titled Wheels of the Sky. One thing that I learnt from my experience playing this game, is that this slot offers wins as high as the tower itself. Here, you stand a chance to win 3,016 times your wager! Don’t you want to start climbing already?

About The Slot
Hong Kong Tower is a jumbo slot that is packed with 99 paylines. All of these paylines are stuffed into the standard 5x3 reel setup, which is a terribly difficult mathematical feat. Thanks to the game’s masterful engine, players can enjoy winning combinations from every direction. The best part of all? Spins start from as low as 20p. It’s amazing value for money, considering that you’d often hit winning combos on multiple paylines in a single spin. If you wish, you could raise the stakes and bet up to £100 per spin.

There are nine different symbols on the reels. In descending order of value, these are golden 7, blue diamond, pink lotus, green bonsai and the five Chinese elements—earth, fire, wind, water and metal. The paytable is quite generous. Just three elements can multiply your bet by 40 times! The maximum win per spin is a wonderful 3,016 times your bet. All in all, the game has a payout percentage of 96.3%.

One really cool part of the Hong Kong Tower slot is that there are various betting strategies that you can adopt. There are four different strategies, namely the optimizer, the leveller, the booster and finally the jumper. All these strategies will help you allocate you bank balance for each spin for the best results possible. Usually you would manually boost your bets after a few consecutive losses, but with this feature in hand, everything will be taken care for you. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the game!

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
The studio behind Hong Kong Tower, Elk Gaming is known for their artistic prowess. You’ll get a first glimpse of this expertise right from the very beginning, as the game loads a cinematic intro. The symbols on the reels are designed in a minimalist yet futuristic style. The animation and accompanying music are programmed to match the theme too.

In my humble opinion, the best part about the audio visuals in this game is the animations of the symbols. In the Mystery feature, the Hong Kong Tower symbol transforms into other symbols to complete paylines, hence giving you bigger wins. The way it transforms itself is just mesmerizing. If you had ever been to Hong Kong, the light show in this game will definitely remind you of the stunning skyline of Hong Kong itself.


Game Features


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Game Features: Mystery Symbols, Wheels of the Sky!
As you play the game for the first time, you’ll quickly acquaint yourself with the mystery symbol (the game’s logo), which appears in abundance all over the screen. Once the reels stop, these mystery symbols rotate about their axes and transform into any of the other symbols on screen to increase your chances of winning. They often dominate a good portion of your screen at a time, being a stacked symbol that appears in big sets.

The mystery symbol adds lots of excitement to the base game, but it’s nothing like the game’s all-star feature, Wheels of the Sky. This feature is triggered whenever you get Yin Yang scatter symbols on the reels. Consider yourself really lucky when this happens, as you’re guaranteed to walk away with at least two instant cash prizes every time!

The Wheels of the Sky feature game starts by shuttling players to the top of the Hong Kong Tower, where there are three majestic wheels glimmering against the city skyline. You’ll start spinning the blue wheel, which offers 200 to 2,000 coins! If you get a cash prize, you get to spin it again and choose a second cash prize. If you get an arrow, you move on to the next wheel, which holds even bigger prizes. The green wheel offers 500 to 10,000 coins while the red wheel offers 1,000 to 25,000 coins.

The Wheels of the Sky rules are such that you can pick up to two cash prizes per wheel. The game also ends when you hit an empty space on the reel. However, you get two extra lives if you trigger the game with four or five Ying Yang scatters. These lives means that you can hang around to play another spin.

Hong Kong Tower — Strategy Automation at its finest
An interesting setting in Hong Kong Tower is that you can choose to play with certain betting strategies. There are four strategies to choose from: Optimizer, Jumper, Leveller and Booster. Jumper will raise a bet for 1 level after each win and reset after a loss. Leveller raises a bet after 5 consecutive losses and reset after a win. Booster raises a bet by 1 level after a loss and it resets after a win. All of these go up until reaching 4 levels above base bet. Optimizer will change the bet level automatically, adapting to your selected balance percentage.

To each his own; every player has to experiment with the different strategies to find the one that suits his gaming style best. In all honesty, this feature has to be one of the useful features that any slot player could have in a game. With this level of strategy automation, you will no longer have to fret when you have a consecutive losses. The booster will automatically turn your bets up for you when the probability of you winning is higher.

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Hong Kong Tower mobile slot is an absolutely rewarding game. Persist and you will be massively rewarded!

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