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Superflip: Simple yet stunning – Intro

Every few months, the slot world runs out of theme ideas. It’s as if the slot designers have lost their thinking cap or simply aren’t bothered to think of new symbols to adorn their slots with. When this happens, they go back to the basics – the classic fruit machine. Play’N Go has produced Super Flip. They’ve stripped away the pizzazz and brought back the strawberries and playing card symbols.

The features are quite simple too. There’s a re-spin feature and a reel-flip feature (as you might’ve guessed from its name). Both of these features are not ground-breaking or particularly interesting. However, underneath the boring hood, you’ll find algorithms that’s capable of giving away 10,000x of your wager.

Yes, you read that right. Five figure wins from a single spin! These payouts are better than most of the slots out there.  That fact alone piqued my interest enough to bring this game out for a test drive. I played it for a couple of hours and here is my experience.

About The Slot
On the surface, Super Flip is basically a revamped fruit machine. Its five reels are loaded up with the usual slot machine suspects – hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs, strawberries, diamonds and clover leaves. The game has 20 paylines. You can place bets from 1p per payline (or 20p per spin with all 20 paylines activated), up to £1 per payline (£20 per spin at maximum number of paylines).

Casinos love hosting these kinds of games because they can cater to all kinds of players, the high-rollers as well as those with small bankrolls. I started playing with 50 quid in my account and this fifty lasted me for quite a nice while, just as long as I toggled between both low and big bets.

Super Flip promises wins of up to 10,000 times your wager. Imagine turning 20p into £2,000, or £1 bet into £10,000! Not many slots are capable of turning pennies into riches. Not only that, the game’s payout percentage is slightly above average at 96.53%. This means that payouts occur at a steady frequency throughout your gaming session.

The Wild symbol is easy to spot in this game, as it’s got the glossy purple “Wild” word emblazoned clearly on it. This symbol can substitute any other symbol in the game (except Scatter) and complete winning paylines. That’s usually good enough in other games, but in Super Flip, the Wild usually comes stacked. Stacked = great chances for wins.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
Super Flip is basically a modern fruit machine. It’s not very imaginative, visually at least. Its aesthetics are revamped take on the old pub slot game. You’ll find the same symbols, but these symbols have been re-drawn and re-animated. The designers have also maintained the retro-style colour scheme, as well as the same electronic sound effects. As many players have already pointed out, the Super Flip slot looks a lot like NetEnt’s Twin Spin or Next Gen’s Double Play Super Bet slot. All of these slots are fruity with a modern twist.

The game looks gorgeous and works well on screens of all sizes. I had a quick run of these games on mobile phones, tablets and the desktop Internet browser; and found no difference in gaming experience on each. Isn’t it pretty cool how the Internet compressed whole slot machines onto your little device?

Game Features


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Game Features: Reel-Flipping, Extra Spins, Near Win Spins!
The game preys on your vulnerable psychology of “near misses”. If you’ve played slots a while, you must know those moments when the first few reels finish spinning to reveal similar symbols lining up nicely. However, your luck suddenly changes for the worse and the third or fourth reel produces another symbol instead. In your usual slot, you’ve now fallen out of the running for a winning combination. However, that’s not the case in Super Flip! In Super Flip, you immediately get second chances, in the shape of Near Win Re-spins.

Here’s how it works: if you get stacked symbols on Reel 1 and Reel 2, the third reel automatically re-spins to give you a second chance at a win. You’d be pleased to know that this feature occurs very, very frequently. The game’s symbols are almost always stacked. Every time this feature shows up, I walk away with 20-30x my bet, on average.

There are also extra spins to earn in Super Flip. These free games are awarded when you get three or more Super Flip scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. These symbols don’t have to line up on a single payline too. As long as you get three or more, you’ll immediately get 15 free games to play with.

Then comes the reel-flipping action. During the extra spin games, the reels “flip” and reel #5 takes the place of reel #1; reel #4 takes the place of reel #2. How is this helpful, you may ask? Well, the reels are configured to deliver more high-value stacked symbols on the first two reels. By flipping it, these stacked symbols appear on reels 4 and 5 instead. If you dive into the mathematical algorithms, this ups your chances of winning big.

I can’t explain it in precise science, but apparently the chances of getting complete winning paylines are higher when the stacked symbols occur on the last few reels instead. I tried to collect evidence over a few rounds of extra spins and can confirms that extra spin games are always more profitable. Extra spins can also be re-triggered, up to 90 extra spins in total.

Superflip — “The” Best Fruit Machine Slot!
Earlier on in this review, I complained that the slot might be a bit simple and tired. “Not another fruit machine!”, was my first thought. After playing for a while, I began to see the other side of the coin. We could argue that slot developers return to the fruit machine because players do.

These well-funded game developer companies could produce all sorts of new games – reimagined Wild symbols, bonus games that resemble other mobile games, fusion slots – but if old favourites keep topping the casino charts, I guess you could say that the players’ preferences are clear. We want a classic slot experience that expertly delivers the gambling “buzz”.

Fruit machines in the pub almost always send your brain into a nice rhythmic trance – spin, win, spin, lose, keep spinning and try again, spin, win again! A slot machine that just keeps plopping money in my pocket.

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Superflip: This game sticks to the tried-and-tested formula of success = big winnings + frequent payouts.

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