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Bon Bon Bonanza — Intro

Have you ever played a grid slot before? It’s a trendy fusion game format, where Candy Crush-type of a mobile game is combined with the luck-based slots. The addictive buzz of mobile games is coupled with the adrenaline-packed, money-making slot action, ensuring that you’ll get nothing less than a good time.

With an outstanding Return to Player rate of 97%, maintaining your bank balance and chances of walking home with tonnes of cash on your pocket is higher than ever. Combined with the profitable bonus features that come with the game, Bon Bon Bonanza is a slot that you don’t want to miss out on.

About The Slot

From the get-go, you’ll notice how different Bon Bon Bonanza is from other slots. Instead of the standard reels, you’ll find a 9x9 grid filled with 12 different types of candies. Yet, the game plays like a typical slot. You’ll place a real money bet (between 20p to £200) and hit spin. Different candy-shaped symbols then fall onto the screen. If you get a vertical or horizontal line of similar symbols—at least three symbols long—you pocket some cash.

The game has an amazing Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 97%. With this remarkably low house advantage, keeping your account balance neutral or positive is now easier than ever. In case you were wondering, Bon Bon Bonanza is a medium variance slot, which means that players will be experiencing both decent sized payouts combined with somewhat frequent wins. This will help minimize your gaming risks as you will not have to endure non-winning streaks during your session.

Despite its unconventional format, Bon Bon Bonanza is driven by a solid slot gaming engine that delivers the dough.  To top it off, the Bon Bon Bonanza game also comes with a progressive jackpot. A portion of every player’s cash is kept aside as the prize pool, which grows larger as more players participate in the game. At the time of writing, the progressive jackpot stands in the four figures range!

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?

This game is designed by the masterminds at Betdigital, a relatively young gaming company from the UK. These designers have produced a truly engaging mobile game. You can simply whip the game out on your phone while riding the bus or during your lunch break. Betdigital really took gaming-on-the-go to a whole new level. The game screen may be packed with grids and candies, but the designers have managed to maintain the ease of playing of a typical slot.

The graphics and animations in Bon Bon Bonanza works really well too. All the symbols have been designed with great attention to detail and are spot-on with the colours so as to not make your reels look too crowded. The little animations that you will experience in the base game and in the bonus features also help elevate the gaming mood quite a bit.

Once again, I have to give Betdigital the praise they deserve for making this game a fully mobile optimised one. Especially with the large reels and sophisticated bonus features, having a good mobile experience would have been almost impossible if not for the developer’s efforts. Bon Bon Bonanza is compatible with all types of devices, namely on PC’s, tablets and mobile phones. It also runs all these devices mentioned regardless of software platforms.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Game Features: Wheel of Fortune, Pick A Win!

The game comes alive during the free games. At this point, you will get to take your fortune into your own hands. The premise is simple and familiar: swap candies on screen to create winning lines. Your aim is to arrange three or more similar candies in a row, which then translate into riches in your bank.

To enter into this interactive mode, you’ll need three white candies with the phrase “You’re Super!” printed on top. Once this happens, the usual spin gameplay pauses so that you can find matching combos. Once no more matching combos can be found, you’ll hit Spin to reset the board and start mining for more riches. By the way, if one particular board really stumps you (and you’re too lazy to figure it out), you can also click on “Autoplay” and the game will sort itself out.

Like typical mobile games, there are power-ups to earn too. The dynamite symbol acts as a Wild symbol, which can stand in place for all other candies to complete winning combinations. Meanwhile the bomb explodes candies across the screen, making way for more new candies and more potential wins. These power-ups are awarded when you get four or five symbols in a row. The power-ups really come into its own during the free spins. You can move the power-up symbols around and maximize the payouts.

There are also three mini-games, which are triggered when you fill the candy meter at the bottom of the screen.

  • Wheel of Fortune: Spin the wheel to win a multiplier on your total bet. Multipliers range from 5x to few tens; enough to create a significant impact on your account balance.
  • Pick A Win: Pick one of three bags of candies to reveal a prize. The game typically conceals around 30x to 130x your wager within these bags
  • Pinata: Beat the Pinata (by tapping/clicking on it repeatedly) until it explodes. Instead of candies, you’ll find a mega cash prize!

Bon Bon Bonanza — Big Bet Option

Grid slots are not brand new innovations in the slot-osphere, but the novelty hasn’t worn off just yet. Even players, who have encountered similar game formats, will appreciate the refreshing change. New players are thoroughly enthralled. I have to say that the larger reels add a whole lot of excitement to the game. Not only is it different from the usual reel layout in other games, but it is also opens a new world of possibilities of what can be done in a mobile slot game.

There’s something so enjoyable about its candy-swapping, fortune-generating mechanics. I guess the charm lies in getting to leave your fortunes to Lady Luck and take it into your own hands within the same game. This format offers more tangible ways of participating in your own fortune-making than choosing different gaming percentages or purchasing “big bet” options.

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