Casinos have been around for a long, long time, first in the back streets of various towns, then in the mainstream culture, before finally making the jump and appearing online. Now they have made the latest leap onto a new platform, and this platform is the mobile phone – an area that those who enjoy gambling have been looking forward to seeing casinos on for ages!

Because this form of casino is so new to the marketplace, many people don’t know exactly what to expect when they first sign up. So, what types of games are there on these mobile casinos?

Slot Machines

gold rush mobile slot at moobile gamesSlot machines have been a bastion of casinos ever since they first came out, so it is no surprise to learn that the main aspect to all mobile casinos is the slot machines that they offer. They aren’t all exactly the same though, as there are a number of different types of slot machines nowadays, such as:

• Traditional three reel, one pay line slot machines.
• Slot machines with a progressive jackpot, meaning that the jackpot goes up the longer it isn’t won.
• Slot machines with various bonuses and features on them.
• Machines that have up to 50 different win lines and five reels on them, as well as fun themes, therefore making them    incredibly enjoyable, thrilling – and often profitable – to play.
• Slot machines with skill games included in them, usually as part of the bonus.

The massive variety of mobile slot machines found in the casinos that you can access on your mobile phones means that you will never get bored of them – once you feel the novelty of one wearing off, there will be another one there to take its place! If you do find a particular favourite though you can keep learning it until you are confident enough to place big bets on it, therefore meaning that you will be able to win the biggest prizes.

Talking of the bet sizes, this is another part of mobile slots that many people find great – the fact that you can adjust the amount you place on a spin. This can vary from just a few pence all the way through to upwards of £50, and they are changed by either increasing the amount that your stake is, or by increasing the number of coins bet with on each spin. As already stated, the more you bet, the bigger the prizes are, so take the plunge and make a big deposit!

Traditional Gamesmobile roulette at jackpot city

As well as the slot machines, there are also a number of games for people who like the thrill of traditional casino games, as well as the profits that they can make with them! These include games like roulette and blackjack, as well as baccarat, keno, bingo and other games. All of these games are regulated so there is no chance of them being rigged to suit the casino – if in doubt though take a look and see who they are registered with for this regulation. Check our article on safety of mobile casinos.

All of the aforementioned games are available with a wide variety of stakes so they are perfect for both the serious gambler and a beginner to the games. A lot of the time there is even the option to play for free, just so you can learn the ropes and begin to feel confident in your ability to win money at the game you have chosen.

Too further add to the excitement most of the games are very good in terms of graphics and the layouts are generally intuitive, meaning that you can lower or raise your bets easily, as well as complete other game specific actions with a simple click when needed. They usually work in conjunction with a touch screen – if your phone has one – therefore making them even easier to use!

There have been a number of stories of people winning big on traditional games such as these in mobile casinos – the biggest mobile win ever came when someone was playing blackjack at Lady Luck’s Mobile Casino – so perhaps it’s time you gave one of these games a chance?

Video Poker

Video poker hasn’t taken off in the UK as much as in other parts of the world yet – it is virtually the national past time of Australia – but all this looks set to change as mobile phones bring this game to a whole new fan base. The premise is simple – you must make the best hand from five cards dealt to you and you are allowed to choose to swap cards for others in the deck a predetermined number of times. Unlike regular poker you aren’t playing against others though – you simply receive a set amount of money depending on which hand you make.

Video poker machines – otherwise known as pokies – are favourites among those looking to add a new strand to their slot machine playing. After all, they are both based on chance and they don’t involve anyone else – not even a dealer – so they are perfect to play when you just want some time alone and when you want to have the chance to win big bucks! Just make sure that you understand the basic rules of poker first though, otherwise you will be at a disadvantage from the start!