Almost all mobile casinos offer promotions, prizes, quizzes, and various competitions for playing their games. LadyLuck's Mobile offer some really good ongoing promotions for both new and frequent players. It's good to research which mobile casinos offer the best promotions when you're looking for a place to play. Here's a summary of the current promotions at LadyLuck’s mobile casino.

Monthly Prize Draw

Each month, LadyLuck’s give away a highly valued prize to one player. Each deposit you make into your LadyLuck’s account counts as one entry into the drawing. So deposit money once, and get one entry; deposit money twice, get two entries; three times, get three entries, and so on. Winners are awarded monthly and notified by phone. If you take a picture with your prize, LadyLuck’s will give you a £10 bonus, which is credited to your account.

If you’re a frequent player, this is a great promotion that you are automatically entered into. So far this year, LadyLuck’s has given away a 32″ LCD TV, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and an iPad, and in June they gave away £500 in Holiday Vouchers!

£2.50 Welcome Bonus

When you download your first game with LadyLuck’s mobile casino, they automatically deposit £2.50 into your account. It’s their way of saying, ‘Thanks for choosing us!'

£100 Cash Match

LadyLuck’s will match the amount of your first deposit of up to £100. For example, if you deposit £40 the first time, LadyLuck’s will add an extra £40 to your account, and if you deposit £100 for your first deposit, LadyLuck’s will deposit an extra £100 into your account. This offer only applies to deposits made using a credit or debit card. Also with this promotion as well as all other promotions, you will want to read the ‘terms and conditions' at the bottom of the page. For example one condition is:

“All bonuses must be wagered at least 35 times before a withdrawal can be made. For example, if you deposit £10, you need to wager 35 x £10 = £350 before you can withdraw your bonus.”

This is a standard condition for mobile casinos, and something you want to be aware of when trying to withdraw funds.

Refer a Friend

If you refer a friend or relative to the LadyLuck’s site you will receive a £20 bonus in your account the first time they make a deposit. This is a great way to get bonus money to play with.

Bingo Quizzes

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week between midday and 2pm, LadyLuck’s hosts free bingo quizzes for members. A chat room host asks questions, and the first player to answer correctly wins a £1 bonus deposited into their account. This is a good way to have a good time, and win some money to play with.

Cashback Bonuses

Every month, whether you win or lose, LadyLuck’s could select your account to be randomly ‘topped-off'. This is where the casino puts bonus money -– up to £100 — into your account. This is a great incentive just to be a member. And it gives players a bit of a thrill each month to find out if they will be selected!

Mystery Spins

Everyday LadyLuck’s mobile casino picks multiple customers at random to send SMS, in-game, and email messages to with free offers. This usually includes a nice little bonus deposited into your account to play with. This is another nice perk just for being a member.

LadyLuck’s treats their members well. Whether you are a big winner, a frequent player, or a temporarily-down-on-your-luck, or seldom player, LadyLuck’s has great promotions that are aimed at letting you play their games more.

Promotions are a great perk for joining a mobile casino, and many people have used their bonuses to win big money. If nothing else, mobile casino promotions are a way to get in a few extra spins on the house. So, wherever you go for a mobile casino, check in on what promotions they offer their members.

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