Every day at the LadyLuck’s Mobile Casino there are people winning big money, and each week a handful of people hit a giant jackpot or win amazing cash prizes from drawings and slot play. Here is a recap of the week and just some of the winning highlights from the winners at LadyLuck’s.

Monday was money day

Last Monday saw a rush of jackpot winners from the LadyLuck’s mobile casino. First, Jason from Hull hit the Pharaoh’s Fortunes’ jackpot and won himself a cool £3,480.60. After that, Maria from Romford spun her way to a Sweet Treats jackpot of £4,305.17.

Tuesday came and the payouts came with it

On Tuesday, Sarah from Kirkcaldy landed winning symbols on Poseidon’s Kingdom that banked her £1,818.00. Becky from Manchester bet enough to spin herself a £1,391.64 jackpot playing Sweet Treats, and Suzie and Liam won some sweet cash thanks to LadyLuck’s weekly quizzes.

Wicked Wednesday

On Wednesday, Peter from Alnwick and Samantha from Sunderland got a nice chunk of money put into their accounts after winning the LadyLuck’s weekly bingo quiz , hosted by the always-popular Wonderwoman.

The bomb dropped on Friday, the bomb of jackpot!

Then, as the Sweet Treats progressive jackpot grew and grew throughout Thursday and into Friday, Ashley from Ashton-under-Lyne came in with the luckiest spin of the week and won the Sweet Treats jackpot on Friday, which had grown to an unbelievable £12,629.27!

Real people are winning real big money every day and each week on LadyLuck’s Mobile Casino. It doesn’t take much to win: all you have to do is pick your favourite mobile slot game, hit spin, and have a blast playing until you land in the big time with a massive jackpot!