666Bet ClosureAttention 666Bet and Metro Play players: act now to save your money! In another twist in the tale of the car crash that is 666Bet (and its subsidiary Metro Play), the operator has set players a deadline after which they may not be able to recover their money from their accounts at either site. But is this apparently arbitrary deadline fair, especially given how the company dragged its feet when it came to making player money available?

New to the story?

If you have missed the 666Bet saga up until now, you’ve been missing out on a real treat. It’s a story of money laundering, dodgy deals and arrests which saw the UK Gambling Commission terminate the licences of 666Bet and Metro Play casinos, which ultimately lead to the sites having to be shut down.

One of the biggest problems with the closures were players’ money being stuck in accounts which they could not access – an issue that was addressed when Skrill stepped in and allowed the site to pay money out to players with Skrill accounts (which every player was then encouraged to open). But now there’s a deadline looming…

The deadline

Today, 666Bet announced that it was setting a time limit on when players would be able to request to withdraw funds; and it’s really soon! If you have cash stashed at either 666Bet or Metro Play, you need to act fast to make sure you get it back, because if you leave it until after the 24th of May, you can say goodbye to any money you have – deposits or winnings – still on the site.

And it doesn’t matter how much it is either; whether you’re owed 50p of £5,000, you’re going to lose it if you don’t get yourself a Skrill account and tell 666Bet about it.

It all makes you wonder if players are really getting the fair end of the deal here. Many people were left in the lurch for over a month, waiting to find out whether they’d be able to withdraw any of their money at all. Now that it’s all getting sorted out, 666Bet comes out all belligerent and sets a deadline for them to get their cash. I guess the company really doesn’t have anything to lose, so is demonstrating really bad form. A-holes.