Probability LogoThat bunch of casinos that come under the Probability banner have been busy treating their players recently – all ganging together to offer a huge range of promotions and an even bigger range of prizes. Well, it sounds like the crew is about to reappear with a new deal, which they’re all mysteriously hinting towards on their social media feeds. The upcoming 10/10 promotion may be an enigma, but there’s already a nice bonus attached to it we can all take advantage of in the meantime.

You know who we’re talking about: LadyLuck, Moobile Games, Very Vegas et al. Well, today an image appeared on all their Facebook feeds announcing that a new promotion is on its way. It’s called 10/10 – and we’re guessing it has something to do with a perfect score in something – but details are hard to come by.

In the last few months we’ve seen all sorts of prizes flying everywhere off the back of their promotions like Keep it Simple, Love Code, and #myXmas so we’re pretty confident that whatever they’ve got up their sleeves with the new 10/10 promotion, it’s going to be an absolute doozer.Probability 10/10 Promotion Teaser

If you’re as impatient as me, and don’t want to wait for details of the main promotion to start cashing in, why not play the casinos at their own game and claim that £10 that’s on offer. Enter “SCORE10” when making your next deposit at any Probability casino and cash in early on the 10/10 promotion. It's stuff like this that undoubtedly makes Probability one of the top developers out there.