Like any holiday, Halloween is the perfect time for us online casino players to get some nice bonuses. It’s a shame that the eve’s almost here, because this also marks the end for most of these promotions. However, if you missed your chance or didn’t succeed at getting frightfully rich yet, Leo Vegas casino has a solution.

A new Halloween promotion has just started today at Leo Vegas, giving you a chance to win a share of £5,000. This whole week, a tournament will take place where the top 20 players will share this prize pool. All you’ve got to do to end up among the winners is catch the snake! Or, simply put, just play roulette and wait for the ball to land on one of the red snake numbers.

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The Red Snake Bet At Roulette

roulette red snake betWait a minute, what’s the red snake? That’s just a spooky name for one of the custom bets. It consists of 12 straight bets on numbers 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34. Since the chips placed this way forms a zig-zag and covers only red numbers, the bet was called ‘red snake’. This Halloween, it’s going to be your lucky strategy at roulette.

However, to win at the Red Snake Halloween promotion at Leo Vegas you won’t need to place this bet. Regardless of your bet, you’ll get points every time the ball lands on one of the red snake numbers. The points you’re getting during such a round will depend on your bet size. The minimum bet must be at least £5 though and here’s a full breakdown:

  • £5 – £10 bet: 1 point
  • £11 – £25 bet: 2 points
  • £26 – £50 bet: 3 points
  • £51 or larger bet: 5 points

What’s more, you don’t have to use real money for these bets. Bonus money also counts, which means that new players using the welcome bonus can use it as an advantage. Not only will you get points at the Red Snake Halloween promotion, but you’ll also burn through the wagering requirements at the same time.

This isn’t a prize draw, so the points you collect will directly affect the outcome. If you want to catch the red snake and get a share of that prize pool, you’ll have to end up among 20 players with the most points. Luckily, the promotion has only started today and will last this whole week, so you can still have an early start. You can also track your progress on the leader board at Leo Vegas, which is going to be updated daily.


Win A Share From The Prize Pool Of £5,000

roulette-wheel-and-ballThe prize pool of £5,000 will be shared among the 20 players with the most points. Here’s how it will be distributed:

  • 1st place: £1,000
  • 2nd place: £700
  • 3rd place: £500
  • 4th-7th place: £250 each
  • 8th-10th place: £200 each
  • 11th-14th place: £150 each
  • 15th-20th place: £100 each

The prizes come as real cash that can be immediately withdrawn without any wagering requirements. Just stick to it as every third round should bring you some points. That’s because the red snake bet covers roughly one-third of the betting table and has a probability of around 32%. Start collecting them right now until this Sunday, 5 November at 23:59 (CET).


Only Authentic Gaming Roulette At Leo Vegas Counts

authentic gaming logoNot all the roulette games at Leo Vegas will count these points. To participate in the promotion, you should stick to Authentic Gaming software only. This includes all of the games below:

  • Authentic Roulette Professional
  • Authentic Roulette Original
  • Authentic Roulette Superieur
  • Authentic Roulette Turbo
  • Authentic Roulette Turbo + Lucky Ball
  • Authentic Roulette Casino International
  • Authentic Roulette Platinum
  • Auto Roulette LIVE 30 Seconds
  • Auto Roulette LIVE 60 seconds

Also, you obviously have to stick to the promotion period as the bets made after Sunday won’t count anymore. The winners will be announced right after the week is over and the winnings will be credited to the respective accounts in three days-time. That’s your last chance to win something this Halloween, so don’t be a chicken and play while you can!

Head Over To Leo Vegas Casino For This Promotion!