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It’s been one hell of a September; we’ve had new releases from Elk Studios with their brilliant Taco Brothers, the exclusive NetEnt slot Moonlight at Mr Green, Holmes and the Stolen Stones of Yggdrasil and its five internal jackpots, and so on. But it seems like October isn’t going to be any less exciting with five great new slots being released – it’s going to be a cracker!

From the Greek titans of Hyperion and titaness Theia, to prehistoric animals, to underwater beasts, this month has it all. So here are five slots coming to your favourite mobile casinos this month!

5. Titans of the Sun – Hyperion by Microgaming

Titans of The Sun Hyperion Slot by MicrogamingMost of us have a love and hate relationship with Microgaming. Especially us. On one hand, it’s one of the most reputable gaming software development companies and we generally love the machines they release.

However, the slots always follow a predictable pattern in terms of features, payout and graphics with little innovation. We’d say they’ve become quite placid and their October releases are no different.

Inspired by Greek mythology and the Titans to be more specific, Titans of the Sun – Hyperion is your typical five reeler. With an ancient Mediterranean backdrop, the spins can cost you anywhere from 15p to £15, reward you with up to 15 extra spins, yield stacked wilds…

But wait, all of that sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? Except maybe the uber-handsome Hyperion, trying to seduce the ladies out there with his blonde curls. Other than that, there is hardly anything unique of new about Titans of the Sun – Hyperion, except that it will be released at the same time as Titans of the Sun – Theia, it’s sister slot that’s slightly more exciting. So scroll down.

4. Titans of the Sun – Theia by Microgaming

Theia is being released at the exact same time as Hyperion, on the 7th of October, and is a slightly more exciting proposition.

Although both Hyperion and Theia aren’t exact replicas of other slots (as much as Microgaming love to give a new skin to already existing games, those cheaters), Theia is slightly more out-there.

Despite the fact that Theia features scatters, wilds, 15 extra spins and all the usual rest, it does have a 2x multiplier for it’s extra spins, while Hyperion does not. Furthermore, the stacked wilds can reach up to 6 symbols high when stacked in Theia’s regular game and even 7 in extra spins mode. Compare that to just 5 in every game mode of Hyperion and you will quickly realise which game you prefer.

But if that wasn’t enough, the golden titaness features the larger possible win from the two: she can bring you wins 8,000 times your wager, while the handsome titan Hyperion can only ‘lift’ your wager to 5,000 times.

And just as Hyperion, the slot will be featured at all good Microgaming casinos, such as Casino Room. Keep an eye out for Peek-a-Boo being released on the same day too, if a Halloween themed slot is more your cup of tea.

 3. Razortooth by Quickspin

Razortooth Slot By Quickspin - Gameplay ScreenshotIn honourable third place is Razortooth and as you can imply from the name, it’s all about extinct animals an breezy temperatures, a.k.a ice age. Being released on 20th of October, this cool mobile slot pays in whopping 243 ways and has got many features that are waiting to be discovered.

One of the more exciting bits are the extra spins, of course. Not just because they exist, but because during the extra spins rounds, one of the reels is all packed with wild symbols. Quickspin sure know how to make us happy and eagerly await the release of the slot to get spinning.

But wait, is there a razor tooth tiger that leaps across your screen? You bet your…money there is! And it leaves multiple wilds behind on the gorgeously designed reels as it jumps to bring you more ways to win.

As of today, there isn’t much more detail that Quickspin have released, but we are sure it will be an awesome machine and definitely worth the wait, because Quickspin always prove they’re one of the slot market leaders.

2. Pyramid Quest for Immortality by NetEnt

Is NetEnt looking for immortality or has it already found in the never exhaustible pool of Egyptian themed slots? Anyways… Being released on the 22nd of October, this brand new machine features the same reel set-up as IGT’s Pacific Paradise – three symbols on the outer edges, four going inwards and the usual five in the middle row. But there is much more to this slot, because the pyramid reel set-up lends itself to cool features.

720 ways to win, Avalanche symbols falling from the skies, multipliers, – all of the features that NetEnt has implemented in Pyramid Quest for Immortality are designed to maximise your wins. You’ll never know what’s lurking behind the next spin as the slot is exciting yet unpredictable in spewing out one feature after the other.

Now that we told you all this and, we’re sure you can’t wait for this slot to be released. Meanwhile, you can play Hook’s Heroes, NetEnt’s September release and salivate when you think about the 3,600,000 coins that you can win at one go on Pyramid Quest for Immortality.

1. Eye of the Kraken by Play’n GO

Eye of the Kraken Slot ScreenshotWe absolutely can’t wait for this one, but we left it for number one in October’s countdown list to get you all worked up too. Play’n GO isn’t a developer that pumps out slot after slot, no. They take their time and truly perfect a game before releasing perhaps just a small handful each year. So, releasing on the 1st of October is Eye of the Kraken, a unique slot with a 3×3 design and many ways to win.

Although at first, we weren’t too sure about the unusual design of this slot, but it really works. Factor in the underwater sea monster (infamous Kraken) theme, the smooth-sailing graphics and the awesome sound effects, and you’ve got a cracking mobile slot.

So look out for Dive Mode, which awards 9 extra spins, and treasure chests, which can yield a multiplier of up to 150x your bet. Now that’s tremendous winning potential!