Greedy Goblinz LogoA brand new game called Greedy Goblinz has just dropped at Spin Genie. It's a game created and developed by AlchemyBet, a software company that has years of experience and many hugely popular games under their belt. It's gross and nasty, but fun and entertaining at the same time, as Goblinz populate your screen and hang around to eat other Goblinz to score you massive wins. The slot design is innovative in its game play and we can't wait until the progressive jackpot climbs even higher than the current couple of hundred!

Greedy Goblinz Mobile ScreenshotWe love it when a new slot comes around. We especially love it when the game play is unpredictable and unique, unlike any other slot that we've seen, and Greedy Goblinz accomplishes just that. Instead of having traditional paylines and reels, the game screen is a 6×6 grid that sees Goblinz dropped onto. These little monsters are a greedy bunch, because they eat other Goblinz and once they get too full, they pop, bringing the player multipliers, wins and even scoring them the progressive jackpot.

The Goblinz come in three colours and eye combinations: green ones with one eye, purple ones with two eyes and yellow ones with three eyes. The game mechanics work in an exciting way – Goblinz eat other Goblinz that are one size smaller than them. So if a yellow three eyed Goblin is on a bottom row and a two-eyed purple one drops directly above it, the smaller goblin is eaten and another one replaces it. This is possible to repeat up to six times in any single spin/drop, so the potential to win is increased six-fold with every single wager!

Not only is the gameplay innovative, but the graphics are spectacularly stunning as well. The Goblinz have enough nasty sounds in them, such as farting and belching, to ensure that the total game experience was thoroughly thought through, and developed accordingly. It's not just symbols – usually the predictable fruity ones or just simple letters – that spin on the reels and have the same sounds.

Greedy Goblinz by AlchemyBet is much more than that: it's a game that's brilliant both audio-visually and in it's winning potential too! Keep your eyes and ears open for a full review of this game.