We always knew that January was going to be a big month for new games, but I don’t think anyone foresaw just how many high quality titles the barrage of new releases would contain. At least four of the top game developers have put out, or are set to put out, brand new slots this month, and most of them seem pretty darn good. And guess what? We’ve got the lowdown on the lot of them! That’s right – we’re here to tell you about the four new games you NEED to be playing this January.

Psycho Slot Game from NextGen GamingPsycho– NextGen

It may be 55 years since the original Hitchcock classic thriller hit the cinema screens, but this month’s release from NextGen goes to prove that it’s better late than never to bring out a branded game. As you might expect, the setting for this game is the dark, foggy and eerie Bates Motel, and you can see the Bates’s house sitting menacingly in the background. But, of course, it’s the foreground – and more importantly the reels – that we’re concerned with.

Although there have been few concrete details of the ins and outs of the game formally released yet, NextGen has been kind enough to furnish us with screenshots from the game, and we can get a pretty decent idea of what to expect from them. The wilds show that there’ll be plenty of chances to win, while the scatters point towards their being a decent bonus round or two to look forward to. We know that there will be extra spins rounds in which wild multipliers are increased

Despite the lack of info, I think the shreds of knowledge we do know point towards this game being pretty promising.

King of Slots – NetEnt

King of Slots LogoWell, it’s obviously no surprise to anyone that NetEnt has managed to come out with another class game this month – after all, they have managed to release at least one game every month since 2012. Given the award winning stature of the company, it seems actually rather reasonable to name one of your games ‘King of Slots’, where for other developers this would come across as pure hyperbole.

As you’d expect from a game fit for royalty, King of Slots is all about luxury; the appearance of the game is a rich tapestry of vividly beautiful graphics which are soft on the eye. But it’s not just the aesthetics that’ll make you feel like a king; there’s the obligatory extra spins rounds that we’ve come to expect from any NetEnt game, as well as a pretty unique re-spin feature which allows you to take an extra spin during which the winning symbols remain on the reels.

If you’re after a taste of the high life, that’s certainly what’s on offer with NetEnt’s latest release. You’ll only be able to play it at Casino Saga (which may not be Casino Saga for much longer) to begin with, so head over there if you want to give it a try.

Ski Jump – Genesis Gaming

Being in the depths of winter as we are, it might seem sensible to look for a game that’ll help you think of warmer times – perhaps one set on a beach, or in a sun drenched meadow. That’s exactly why Genesis Gaming is releasing Ski Jump; a frozen and snowy game that glorifies taking flight into the icy skies. Ok, maybe it’s not a winter warmer, but that doesn’t stop it being a fitting winter slot.

Ski Jump from Genesis GamingAlready live at Mr Green casino, Ski Jump is setting itself apart from the competition thanks to its plethora of special features. You’ll be able to enjoy 2-way pay, random wilds, re-spins, all on top of the unique ‘Ski Jump’ feature. One neat feature – which doesn’t actually change the way you play, but is still pretty fun anyway – is the fact that you are able to choose which country you play as (as this is a kind of winter sports themed game); choosing your country changes the colour theme of the game, and brings up unique symbols.

For a bit of winter fun, Ski Jump is your one. It might be lacking a little in appearance and narrative when compared to the likes of King of Slots and Psycho, but it’s a fun little jaunt regardless.

Wild Birthday Blast – Microgaming

Last, and unfortunately quite possibly least, we have this month’s release from Microgaming. At first glance, Wild Birthday Blast certainly isn’t the most promising slot in this list; it’s gimmicky and feels a bit like it was put together in a rush, but for my money I think it’s still worth a spin. And why? Well, you may well ask, and I think the answer is simple: it’s just a lot of fun.

Wild Birthday Blast from MicrogamingI remember when I first got an Xbox (the original black one that looked like a brick) for Christmas one year, and after a couple of week of playing with it I yearned for Lego. Yes, Lego wasn’t as high tech or sophisticated, but that wasn’t the point – it had a raw fun to it that made it worth my time anyway. The same can be said for Wild Birthday Blast; you’ll get extra spins all the time, there are 30 paylines (and so tons of chances to win), and then there are the stacked wild Gift symbols that can lead to huge riches.

If you want a well-polished and sophisticated game then definitely go for something like King of Slots, but if you’re looking for good old fashioned fun, then this is your guy!