Bingo Bang Promotion LogoThere are New Year promotions, then there are great New Year promotions, then there’s the Big Bang New Year promotions. Taking place at a number of Probability casinos, the new promotion will be offering players the chance to play for free in 2015. It’s not like it’ll just benefit a hand full of players either; oh no, the Big Bang promo is going to let a whopping 100 players play absolutely free! LadyLucks, Vegas Mobile Casino and Very Vegas are all taking part in the promotion, so there’s loads of ways to win.

You may remember before Christmas, these same casinos got together to hold the #myXmas event, which saw tons of players enjoying all sorts of Christmas related goodies, and culminated in one player winning a holiday to the Canary Islands. For my money, however, I think we should all be even more excited about Big Bang than any previous promotion that has brought these casinos together.

Who Will Win What?

Big Bang Promotion InformationWell, there’ll be in total 100 winners as part of this new promotion. Each of the winners will be able to play for free at one of the casinos taking part in the promotion, but not everyone will win the same amount. The breakdown of prizes goes like this:

Daily Winners

Each day until the 31st January, a number of daily winners will be picked. In total there will be 90 daily winners, and each of them will be rewarded with £45 free cash. They’ll have three weeks with which to play with their free money, and of course get to keep all the winning! This is the majority of what will be won, and it’s a pretty decent prize, even if it’s the least you’ll get as a winner.

Weekly Winners

Each week of the promotion will see weekly winners picked. There will be 8 weekly winners in total. As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, because there’s fewer of them, there’s more cash to be awarded to each of them, and this time round the winners will enjoy a handy £120 worth of free cash. They’ll also have a total of 4 weeks to play through it (because, you know, it takes longer to get through more cash).

Big Bang Winner

Ok, you’re all savvy gamblers and clever people, you can already tell me that there are only 2 prizes left to be won, and they’ll be going to the two Big Bang winners – the star prize winners of the whole event. Not only will these winners win a whopping, astounding and frankly very generous £400 to play with, they’ll have a whole 8 weeks in which to play with it.

How to Win

Making yourself eligible for one of the prizes couldn’t be simpler – all it takes is for you to play at your chosen casino. For one of the daily prizes, you’ll need to play through £10 the day before you want to win in order to qualify. For one of the weekly prizes, you’ll need to have played through £10 on 2 days through the week. To be one of the Big Bang winners, you’ll need to have played through £10 on three days in each week of the promotion. Simple as that. Good Luck!