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Secrets of Atlantis – Intro

Secrets of Atlantis is the all new Atlantean themed slot from NetEnt that is set to be another innovative release from the experimental slot developer. Secrets of Atlantis arrives with a lot of interesting tweaks to the normal formula, foregoing any form of bonus round and instead relying on a variety of symbol types to carry its gameplay. Have NetEnt managed to live up to their lofty aspirations and pulled off an all new imagining of what a slot can be, or is this just an idea to put back in the bottom drawer? Let’s take a look at the features and gameplay of the slot to see if it’s got what it takes to hold our attention, or simply sink out of sight like its doomed inspiration.


About The Slot
Secrets of Atlantis is a 3x5 slot, with 40 paylines and no bonus rounds. That last part may sound like the slot is lacking, but NetEnt have been smart and crafted the base game to function well by itself without needing to distract us with a flashy bonus round, or any extra spins.

The slot is unique because its gameplay relies primarily on its varied symbol types, which govern the majority of the game. Secrets of Atlantis includes both stacked reels and collosal symbols. Stacked reels mean that every reel of the slot features the same symbols, so multiple reels of the same type have the ability to create far more successful lines than sporadic symbols would alone.

At random, the slot highlights certain reels with a blue glow, which if 3 glowing reels are span together, will become a huge colossal symbol. This collosal symbol is 3x4 in size and will nearly always create several successful lines. It also offers a free re-spin, so spinning with a colossal symbol costs nothing to you at all, but gives you the possibility of winning a healthy payout.

Many of the symbols in Secrets of Atlantis also feature a nudge mechanic. This nudge mechanic is offered on the aforementioned colossal symbols and any wild reels. This effectively means that if any part of these symbols is spun off screen, it will be nudged back on the screen, improving your chances of winning with them. At the heart of it, it just improves your chances of landing a valuable symbol, which isn’t something we’ll complain about.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
When it comes to performance, NetEnt slots have always been reliable. We’ve tried Secrets of Atlantis on both a desktop and a mid spec mobile and both devices ran the slot incredibly well. There was no slowdown and zero visual or audio glitches during our 30 minute playtime.

Due to NetEnt’s high production values, when it comes to both their visuals, animation and sound, we wouldn’t recommend playing this on an old smartphone. NetEnt optimise their games to work on a huge range of mobiles, but if you have anything that’s getting on a bit in years, then don’t expect Secrets of Atlantis to run particularly well. It really is a nice looking slot.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Base Game Features: Stacked Reels, Wild Reels And Nudges
Every single reel in the game is stacked, meaning that it will display several of the same type of symbol, stacked on top of one another. Wilds act in a similar manner, with a large mermaid symbol taking up an entire reel and acting as a wild to substitute for any symbol type.

Wilds benefit even more from the new nudge mechanic that is also part of the base game. If a wild reel only partially lands on the slot face, it will be nudged back on to the slot in order to fill up the entire reel. This means your chances of landing a wild symbol are drastically increased since you have a large spread of wild symbol to have a chance of landing on and successfully bringing onto the slot.

The same nudge mechanic also takes effect on colossal symbols, so even if you only spin half of a colossal symbol, it will be nudged back on to the slot to be fully exposed, and therefore completely in play to assist with building successful paylines.

Special Features: Colossal Symbols And Free Re-spins
At random points in the base game, certain reels will become highlighted with a blue aura. If you manage to spin 3 highlights reels together, across reels 2,3 and 4, then you’ll unlock a colossal symbol.

A colossal symbol will be the same symbol type as those found during general play, but will be a massive 3x4 symbol, which will make it much easier to complete lines. You only get one spin with the colossal symbol in play, but that spin will be a free re-spin, so it costs you no wager and you can expect to win a tidy sum from whatever you spin as the chances of winning during this round are much higher than normal.

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