massive slot machine jackpotWe are absolutely sure that the world of mobile-optimised fruit machines will mirror the world of the regular fruit machine in the future, meaning that the jackpots offered to phone players will keep on increasing until they reach ridiculous amounts – the £10,000 jackpots currently offered will seem like loose change when compared to the jackpots of the future!

If this is going to be the case, it is quite feasible to take a look at the huge jackpots won in casinos throughout the world – although mainly in Las Vegas – and come to the conclusion that these will be available to mobile players at some point soon. So how much have people won playing regular slot machines in casinos? And more importantly, how much could you win by tapping a few buttons on your iPhone or Samsung mobile device in the future? Read on to get our opinion on this…

The Biggest Ever!

The record for the biggest ever slot machine win is staggering – a sum of money that most people won’t even be able to comprehend. In 2003, a 25 year old man was visiting the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, when he sat down in front of a slot machine in the Excalibur Hotel and Casino and spent about $100 on spins. By the time he’d finished, he walked away with a staggering $39,700,000 and a huge smile on his face! This means that, for the next 25 years, he will receive $1.5 million per year and will never have to work again!

Other Notable Winners

win lots of money from slot machinesThere have been other examples as well of people winning huge sums of money from slot machines in casinos, although they aren’t quite as impressive as the aforementioned $39.7 million! The best story we know of concerns a man called Elmer Sherwin, who might just be the luckiest slots player of all time. When he won the jackpot of $4.6 million from a MegaBucks machine, he spent the money travelling and generally having a good time. But then lightning struck twice and he scored a jackpot of $21 million, meaning that he is the only person we know of to have won a mega-jackpot twice! What’s more, he plans to donate his entire second jackpot to victims of Hurricane Katrina!

It seems that just spending a small amount of money is the key to winning, as has already been shown by the $39.7 million winner. It is further proved by a woman from Hawaii who, while on vacation in Las Vegas put $100 into a machine and walked away nearly $9 million richer. In fact, $9 million isn’t an unusually large amount to be won – people win this amount on a regular basis in the gambling capitals of the world.

What Does This Mean for Mobile Gambling?

So, what do these mega-jackpots mean to the mobile slots player? Well, in short it proves that slot machines are a viable industry for websites and that if enough people start playing them, the jackpots will become huge! This is particularly true if the mobile casinos introduce the type of slots found in casinos in the USA, which are referred to as MegaBucks slot machines

These MegaBucks slot machine are basically a network of slots, all of which are linked together – in fact, just in Nevada there are 150 places offering MegaBucks machines alone. When someone plays on one of these machines, the prize pool across all the machines gets bigger, therefore allowing the jackpot to build to gargantuan levels. This would be perfect for the mobile slot world and we expect to see a variation of this soon (we know there are progressive jackpots, but these are slightly different).

Basically, the format is there for mobile casinos to follow and now they simply have to wait for enough people to start playing mobile slots before they can implement it. This shouldn’t take too long though, as mobile slots are becoming more and more popular as the weeks and months go by! So soon you’ll be seeing jackpots in the millions, instead of in the thousands…