On the whole, the mobile casino industry behaves pretty well – only those who have asked to receive messages from the site will ever receive them, and everyone else will be left alone. There will unfortunately be times though when some casinos might seem to be spamming your phone with countless messages advertising themselves, so this article will give you a few easy ways to stop this from happening

Don’t Download If You Don’t Want Messages

The first thing to realise is this: if you decide to download one of the mobile slots from any of the mobile casinos, they will use your phone number to advertise their new services to you. After all, you have willingly handed your number over, so they are justified in believing that you are interested in – therefore want to hear about – the latest mobile slots offers they have. If you don’t want to receive messages, the solution is clear: don’t download the mobile slot in the first place!

What If I Want the Game, But Not the Messages?

If you still want to play mobile slots, but don’t want to receive the messages, you will have to instruct the specific mobile casino to stop sending you messages manually. This is usually very easy, as the message you receive should have details of how to text them to stop the messages coming through. For example, a recent message we received from Kerching Mobile finished by saying “OptOutTxtSTOP”, meaning that you just have to reply to the message with “STOP” to get rid of the messages.

It might be the case that other mobile casinos don’t give you this information at the bottom of their texts, although we think that they really all should. In this case you will have to contact them directly, either by phone or by email. Always make sure they send you an email confirming that you have been taken of their list of people to text though, just in case they don’t do it at the first time of asking.

But I Didn’t Even Sign Up to a Mobile Casino…

If you didn’t ever sign up to the services of the company sending you messages, then you are in real spam territory, as they have no permission to send you these messages at all. These can be notoriously hard to stop, but the best place to start is by calling or forwarding the message to your mobile phone service provider and obtaining their advice. The numbers to use for the major mobile phone companies are as follows:

If you find that you get no joy by contacting the individual mobile providers, your final step would be to contact the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). You will need to provide them with the time and date you received the message, as well as the content of the message. It is also important that you know who sent you the message, although if you are getting spam from individual casinos this should be easy to work out. You can contact the ICO on 0303 123 1113.

Let Us Know About Spamming!

Finally, if you are the victim of unsolicited SMS messages from a mobile casino, let us know! If we receive a number of complaints about a specific casino, we will name and shame them on this site – hopefully that will make them stop! After all, they don’ want to get a bad reputation on one of the most widely read mobile slots sites on the internet, do they? You can find out how to get in touch with us by clicking on this link.