Mobile casinos are trending, according to Google. The growing popularity of mobile casino gaming sites has the Google’s Trends website listing the phrase ‘Mobile Casino’ as doubling in popularity, up over 100% in search volume from the previous three year average.

The growing popularity in mobile casino gaming is in part because of recent advances in mobile technology — which has made playing mobile slots as genuine of an experience as if you were sitting on the casino floor –– and in part because of the growing popularity and wide spread use of mobile apps, thanks to phones like the iPhone and the Android. These reasons are mixed with the added security features that have cropped up in the world of mobile privacy, proving that mobile casinos are no gimmick.

Looking closer at Google Trends, we see that among the countries where the phrase is trending the most is South Africa, Israel, France, and, of course, Britain. However, these are not the only countries interested in this booming area of technology. Mobile gaming has become a worldwide phenomenon with people from all over the globe spinning the virtual reel from their mobile devices. People in Australia, Ireland, India and Kuwait have been searching to find mobile casinos to call their favourite!

The future of the mobile casino is strong, and as interest in mobile gaming rises, an increase of people will be engaging in the entertainment that gaming can bring from the comfort of their own home, train ride, or wherever the day takes them. ‘Casual gamers’, these people can be called. The kind of player who pulls out their iPhone and plays LadyLuck’s Mobile Sweet Treats for ten minutes while they wait for the bus or takes out their Android or Blackberry and play mFortune’s Pirate’s Treasure at home while ads play on the tele.

Google Trends Graph for Mobile Casino Searches

Google Trends Graph for ‘Mobile Casino’ Searches

These people are the future of gaming — winning jackpots while they wait! Mobile gaming not only offers people a chance to hit it big and win thousands of pounds, it also provides excitement and entertainment for the player. The thrill and anticipation as the reels spin, followed by the tension as the reels come to a stop one by one, and that is just the basics. With most mobile slots, there are special features, like wild symbols and bonus games where the player’s winnings can multiply by 2x, 4x, sometimes even 10x!

A wide section of the world population has been turned onto mobile gaming. Mobile phones are doubling as everything these days, and now they even double as video slot machines. For much of the public, a rising interest in gaming has been met by advances in their mobile phones’ capabilities. And because of this, tons of people are becoming heavily interested in mobile gaming. With the influx in search volume for mobile casinos worldwide, more and more people are educating themselves on how to get setup and how to play, and ultimately, how to win big with mobile casinos!

Start a search of your own today, and find out more information on joining mobile casinos and playing games, including mobile slots. Soon enough you’ll be on your way to winning big money!