meet-the-draculas-slot-logoMr Spin has just released its all new slot game, Meet The Draculas. It may be a bit unorthodox of Mr Spin to release a Halloween themed slot in November, but it is at least a new slot game to play, and shows Mr Spin are sticking to their promise of releasing a new exclusive slot game every single month. You can play Meet The Draculas from today and can even take advantage of the demo mode, so you can get to grips with the new slot before deciding to spend any money on it.

But for those who want a quick overview of the game, then we've given it an extended test run to fill you in on the bonus rounds and extra features that are hiding away in the new Meet The Draculas slot from Mr Spin.

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Meet The Draculas Feature Overviewprogressive-jackpot-meet-the-draculas

  • 5×3 reel slot with 15 paylines
  • Mr Spin networked progressive jackpot win available
  • Variable extra spins round with a max total of 9 extra spins
  • 2 Additional bonus rounds with variable multipliers

Meet The Draculas' Extra Spins & Bonus Features

Meet The Draculas has a healthy supply of bonus rounds to keep players on their toes. Lets break down the 3 main bonus features, to see what players have got to look forward to.

The extra spins round offers a variable numbmeet-the-draculas-free-spins-rounder of extra spins depending on how many extra spin scatter symbols the player manages to land. 3 extra spin symbols will get players 5 extra spins, 4 extra spin symbols will get you 7 extra spins and 5 extra spin symbols will land players a maximum of 9 extra spins.

Players will be glad to know that landing extra spin symbols will also give them a win on the turn they're activated, so even entering the extra spins bonus gives players a solid payout. Extra spins can't be re-triggered sadly, so whatever you start the round with is what you'll have to work with until you get another chance to spin some more extra spin scatters in the base game.

Sunrise is a board game based bonus round, where players have to spin a dice wheel in order to roll a number from between 1 – 4. The number they roll will then guide Dracula up the hill to his castle, which he must arrive at before sunrise. Along the way players can land on multipliers to increase their final payout, or they can run into obstacles, which will end the bonus round and force you to cash out.

As with all the bonus games on the slot, players can activate the bonus with as few as 2 scatter symbols, although these scatters must be positioned along an active win line. There's an additional variable multiplier with adds a further multiplier to the game for every scatter symbol you activate the round with, so there's an additional multiplier of between 2x – 5x which players can add to their eventual payout.

Coffin Cash is a pick and collect bonus game, where players armeet-the-draculas-pick-a-coffin-bonuse given a choice of 3 coffins. They then pick one of the coffins to reveal a hidden multiplier, which can range from between 20x – 180x. To add an additional big payout, the number of coffin cash scatters that you activate the bonus with will add a further multiplier to your final payout.

The bonus can be triggered from spinning as few as 2 scatters, which will add a 2x multiplier to your final payout and you can spin up to 5 scatter symbols to trigger the bonus, which will give you a maximum additional multiplier of 5x.

Progressive Jackpot Features

meet-the-draculas-big-winAs with all Mr Spin slots, Meet The Draculas also allows you to win from the casino's progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot is networked to all other Mr Spin slots, so a percentage of all the cash wagered and lost on any Mr Spin slot goes towards the progressive jackpot that you can win.

In order to win the progressive jackpot, players will have to spin 5 jackpot symbols. Any less than 5 and players will still win a big multiplier of cash, but it won't come from the progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot total isn't listed anywhere, so you can never be sure what you'll win at any given point, but the slot information states that there is a minimum amount that the progressive jackpot always has to be, so it'll most likely always be a reasonably healthy amount.

If players manage spin a wild symbol along with the 5 progressive jackpot symbols, then the wild symbol will negate their progressive jackpot win. Players will still walk away with a 300x multiplier from spinning this combination, so there's still something good to take away.

Play Meet The Draculas From Today At Mr Spin

Meet The Draculas keeps up the pattern of quality releases that we've beemr-spin-pop-up-logon seeing from Mr Spin ever since it launched back in the Summer. As with most Mr Spin slots, it certainly follows a similar template that it uses with its other slots, which includes certain bonus round types, a extra spins feature and a progressive jackpot to round everything off. However, it's a strong template, which makes up for what it lacks in innovation, by producing some of the better slot games that are being released at the mobile casinos.

Meet The Draculas can be played from today, and in our humble opinion, is certainly worth looking in to. It's fun, creative and has enough features and frequent payouts to keep even the most cynical slots player engaged. You can head over to Mr Spin right now to give it a go and see for yourself if it's your kind of slot.

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