Casumo Caribbean Challenge LogoCasumo Mobile Casino has just launched its latest promotion, and in this instance ‘launch’ is definitely the right word, as Casumos everywhere set sail to help Captain Casumo Sparrow, and try and win yourself passage all the way to the Caribbean! One upping Casino Cruise's Brazilian Cruise promise, at Casumo, by completing simple challenges, you could be the one to land the all-expenses paid trip to a paradise island. Even if you’re not that lucky, you’ll still be able to benefit from bonus cash and extra spins along the way. This is Casumo’s first big Challenge of the yeah, so you know it’s going to be a good one.

Challenge Leaderboard

A new addition to the Challenge this time round is the Challenge Leaderboard. While all players who complete challenges will be rewarded with the Challenge prizes, there’s a new incentive to get it completed as quickly as possible. Players will be ranked according to how many spins it takes them to complete each given challenge, and placed in a leaderboard according to their rank. If you’re lucky enough to get yourself into the top 30 players on the board, you’ll be rewarded with even more prizes. This is also how Casumo will decide who is rewarded with the trip to the Caribbean.

The Missions

The way this promotion works is that to complete the overall challenge, you have to complete individual missions. Each mission you complete, you’ll climb an extra foothold on the leaderboard, and the more missions you complete, the higher up the leaderboard you’ll climb. But what are these missions, and what do you have to do to complete them?

  • Total Spins – The simplest and arguably easiest of all the missions; all you need to do to complete this mission is to spin a certain number of times on any slot of your choice!
  • Total Wins – Like total spins, total spins just requires you to get to a certain number of wins to complete the mission. Obviously, you’ll get bonus points if you do it in the fewest spins.
  • Total Wins in a Row – Does exactly what it says on the tin – get a certain number of consecutive wins to complete this mission.
  • Total Big Wins – Casumo has decided that 15x your wager is a big win, and if you get a certain number of these, you’ll complete this mission.
  • Total Mega Wins – Exactly the same as Total Big Wins, only this time you’re looking for 30x your wager.

Easy, Medium, Hardcore

Casumo Casino LogoThis is what separates the adults from the kids. The specific numbers I was talking about in the missions differs depending on which level you’re aiming for. It’ll be moderately easy for you for you to complete the level to a… um… Easy level; but if you want to have any hope for getting high on that leaderboard, you’re going to need to get to the Medium level, and if you want to win a trip to the Caribbean, you’d better be hitting the Hardcore numbers.

Again, even if you don’t make it onto the leaderboard’s top 30, hitting each milestone means you’ll get extra spins and bonus cash. With 15 missions and 3 levels to aim for on each of them, there’s a total of 45 prizes for you to claim. Head to Casumo now, sign up if you’re not already a member, and get completing those missions!