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Mega Fortune – Intro

The world’s largest progressive jackpot slot – NetEnt’s Mega Jackpot – is truly a time-tested classic. Affordable entertainment, thanks to the faultless graphics, appealing gameplay mechanics and Extra Spins make this a go-to game of hundreds of thousands of gamblers. Yet more importantly, it’s got the power to change people’s lives through its enormous jackpot that’s won approximately every 11 weeks, and averages over €4 million. Read our review of Mega Jackpot mobile slot – maybe you’ll be the next big winner?

About The Slot

NetEnt isn’t particularly known for its progressive jackpot games, as it offers very few titles with a progressive offering. However, Mega Fortune is the largest jackpot yielding slot in the world, and the Swedish software developers have done an outstanding job in crafting a game that will go down in history.

And it’s not just about the progressive jackpot, although you’ve got to admit that is the biggest draw. NetEnt has always been able to make the game look awesome and play awesome too to begin with, and then every feature of a machine comes as an added bonus. Just as it should be, if you ask us. So if you don’t hit that jackpot, the game will still entertain with plenty of winning hits and keep you in the running for the biggest progressive jackpot ever.

Impeccable Gameplay

Well, you’ll soon realise that we couldn’t give this slot any less than five stars. Heck, if we could, we’d give it all ten! A big part of that appeal is the gameplay of the Mega Fortune slot that we cannot find any way to fault. You could perhaps point out the lack of 3D design or the apparent lack of an original soundtrack, but that isn’t the purpose of this slot at all.

What NetEnt created this slot for is to give you a taste of the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Expensive jewellery, blinged out wads of cash, lavish cars, champagne and other attributes of life of plenty could quickly make you crave that progressive jackpot even more. If you score it, you could have all of that and much more!

Until then, enjoy the reels that swish and swoosh to the pleasant lounge music. Small wins will come at you regularly as the return to player percentage is a very healthy 96.6% – quite typical for a NetEnt slot. Bets range from just 25p to £50 and we dare you to imagine how a 25p bet could land you millions and millions of pounds. It’s hard, isn’t it? Yet, you should keep in mind that the chance of winning that jackpot are proportional to the size of your bet… Just saying.

Not counting the progressive jackpot, the maximum cash win that Mega Fortune can award is 108,100, which isn’t too bad considering that the slot is of medium volatility. So if you don’t walk away from the game with a Mega Fortune, you could certainly count on it to yield a decent amount – a mini fortune so to say.

To recap, the general look and feel of this mobile slot is that of sophistication and adult entertainment. It’s smooth and luxurious, yet not over the top or theatrical. It’s simple, sophisticated, grown up entertainment packaged into a perfect mobile slot. Swoon…

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

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Maximum bet (£)

Playing Mega Fortune Slot On Mobile
Designed and developed for desktop initially, Mega Fortune (Touch) is the NetEnt mobile version of the game. Every detail has been thought of, no matter if you’re playing on an Android, iOS or Windows mobile device.

Every pleasing ‘clunk’ sound that indicates the reels have stopped, every speedboat jumping the waves and every champagne cork popping is replicated and plays out perfectly on mobile.  Needless to say, since the game is crafted precisely for mobile devices, there is not a single pixel out of place, a breath of fresh air among many dozens of ‘mobile’ games that lag, freeze or otherwise are unplayable on mobiles and tablets.

Game Features: It’s All About That Jackpot
Needless to say, it’s all about the progressive jackpot of the Mega Fortune slot. But apart from the multimillion jackpot that everyone is aware of, Mega Fortune slot harbours a few more tricks up its sleeve. There are two smaller ones that are casino specific, plus a round of Extra Spins that you can trigger too.

Wilds And Extra Spins On Mega Fortune

Wasting away in the shadows of the glory and fame of the progressive jackpot, Mega Fortune Wilds and Extra Spins might not be as much wished for. Although we know you’re itching to get to the progressive section part of this review, let’s first chat about these basic features first. Actually, Wilds and Extra Spins are as important as the jackpot, because it gives you smaller wins and enough excitement to keep on spinning and hoping for the Bonus round.

Wilds come in the shape of a racing Speedboat symbol so watch out for it, breaking waves and flying up in the air. It’s racing to get you an ever-bigger winning combination and will replace every other symbol except the Bonus and Scatters. Yet that’s not all. There is also a 5x multiplier that gets applied to your wins if it involves Wilds, making this the best way to keep your balance in the plus during regular gameplay.

Then, there are the Extra Spins, which can be triggered in style. Three or more Champagne symbols and their corks popping will get you a random number of Extra Spins, which will depend on multiple things. Namely, the more scatters that get you the Extra Spins (i.e. three, four or five), the bigger the multipliers that will be applied to your Extra Spins winnings.

Yup, you won’t just be having some Extra Spins, but multipliers too! And we found that the bigger the multipliers, the smaller number of Extra Spins will generally be awarded to balance things out. For example, if three Champagne symbols get you 10 Extra Spins, then a multiplier of around 10x will be applied, while five scatters with five Extra Spins will usually carry a multiplier of 40x or more.

The Holy Grail of Mega Fortune

Drumroll please! It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for as we will now explain exactly how you could get to the super massive jackpot of Mega Fortune. As soon as you get two Bonus symbols on your reels, you’ll hear the dragged out base sound – will it be impending success or failure in triggering the third Bonus symbol? You see, three are necessary to trigger the Wheel of Fortune, which can get you closer to that progressive jackpot.

As soon as you’re get to the Bonus game, you’ll be faced with three concentric wheels – the Wheels of Fortune. It’s quite simple, just hit the ‘Stop’ button and wait for the wheel to stop to reveal which spot it lands on. You could win a flat cash prize of 100, 200 or 300 in the outermost circle. Yet, plenty of arrows could also get you to another round, which is way more lucrative.

Prizes range from 300, 500 and 700, plus the Rapid Progressive Jackpot. Although the smallest of the three jackpots of Mega Fortune, Rapid Progressive jackpot is accumulated within the casino and depending on where you play could still yield a very nice sum of cash, e.g. thousands of pounds. However, if you’ve got your eyes on the main prize, you’ll hope that you hit an arrow on the middle circle and get through to the final round.

Major and Mega Jackpots

Hold your breath now as things could get seriously heated. You’re pretty much guaranteed at least £2,500 in cash now, but could also get lucky and win £5,000, £7,500. If you’re really lucky, you could also win the Major Progressive jackpot, a bigger jackpot that’s also accumulated within the casino of your choice. We’re talking about tens of thousands of pounds.

But if you’re really, really, really lucky, then you’ll get the arrow – a chance of one in a dozen – and become crowned the next Mega Fortune progressive jackpot winner! These jackpots are massive. And when we say massive, they’re worthy of the Guinness World Of Records, that’s how big they are.

And don’t think that no one ever gets to the largest pooled progressive jackpot – quite the contrary. Approximately every eleven weeks, a lucky winner will get to walk away with a life changing sum of four million euros. And one lucky student won the biggest Mega Fortune jackpot of 17.8 million euros in 2013. Astounding!  N.B. You can see the precise sums of all three progressive jackpots ticking away above the reels.

By the way, pooled means that all of the wagers placed on the game at all of the casinos which offer the Mega Fortune slot contribute to it, which is why it is so large. Perhaps one of the Microgaming jackpots could give Mega Fortune a run for its (lots of) money, but we actually prefer Mega Fortune due to its sophistication and style, as opposed to a more cartooney and cheaper vibe of Microgaming progressives.

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