casino mistakes angry manGambling may seem like the easiest thing in the world. After all, what more is there to it then simply a little risk and then hopefully a lot of reward. But once you get into the thick of it, a casino can be a particularly confusing place. There’s nothing complicated about a casino in its individual pieces, but when compiled together, there’s a lot to be paying attention to when it comes to getting the most out of your money.

Casinos throw a lot at you, from enticing promotions and most notably, the stress of trying to manage your money, whilst also taking a chance and going for a big win. In this quick breakdown, we’ll take a look at the five ways that you might be gambling wrong and letting the casino get the better of you.


Accepting Every Single Bonus That Comes Your Way

casino bonusesThis might seem like an odd place to start. Casino promotions are there to reward you and give you more cash and spins than you know what to do with. If a casino offers you a bonus, you should be happy to accept it without question and just be grateful. That is what a majority of customers think and as a general rule, it is a good idea to be on the hunt for casino promotions.

However, while promotions are fun to unlock, players have a nasty habit of forgetting that casino bonuses comes with terms and conditions. Commonly, these take the form of wagering requirements, which require players to wager a multiplier of whatever bonus money they have in their wallet, before they can withdraw it.

Some casinos will also stop you from withdrawing when you have bonuses active. Possibly the most annoying is when casinos block other bonuses when you activate a new one, meaning you can be trying to fulfill a bonuses’ conditions, but not be aware that the bonus in question is no longer active on your account.

The moral of the story is to be aware of how your casino handles your bonuses and whether you can have multiple bonuses active at the same time, and how your bonuses affect one another. This can be accomplished by reading the casino’s terms and conditions, but a good way to combat this issue is to only accept bonuses one at a time, once you’ve completed each one, so you don’t end up finding yourself in a mess somewhere down the line.


Playing Like It’s All Or Nothing

all or nothing casinoThere’s a very famous fallacy known as the sunk cost fallacy. The idea behind it, is that people often believe that because they’ve invested a lot of time and resources into something, that therefore they must continue to do so, or else risk their earlier investments being rendered worthless.

The problem with this is obvious. If something is worthless to start with, then putting more money into it doesn’t increase its value. And yet, when players are stressed and not thinking in the moment, many players happily throw their money, into what is effectively, a bottomless pit.

Playing at the casino like it’s all or nothing is not a smart way to play. When you play at casinos, there’s tonnes of silly myths that you’ll run into. The idea that slots go through periods of being hot and cold is one of them. If a slot isn’t paying out, then you have to stick with it, so that when it turns hot again, you’ll be there to reap the rewards.

It fundamentally ignores how slots actually work and creates bad playing habits in players. If you’re playing a game that isn’t paying out and is going nowhere, then don’t be afraid to stop playing. You’re not losing the money you’ve already spent, you’re saving the money you haven’t lost yet.

Whenever you feel yourself chasing a win that isn’t coming or feeling like leaving a game will waste the time and money you’ve already spent on it, you have to ignore these thoughts. They’re irrational and only lead to bad play. So don’t play your slots like you have to lost it all and only walk away with a big win. Stop playing, or find another game, so you can actually make your game time fun and not just a slog to the end.


Playing To Win

play 2 win logoThis point is a part of what we talked about above, but it’s more about the reasons why you should be gambling and not how you should gamble. It might sound strange, but it’s a terrible idea to play at the casino with the aim to win money.

Casino games can be learned and mastered, but there’s always a chance that you might not win, which is simply the nature of casino games. They are built with the possibility of simply losing your cash, no matter how much you want to win or how well you think you’re playing.

Gambling should be treated like any other activity. If you go out bowling, you don’t expect to leave with more money than you started with. Instead, when you pay to go bowling, you’ve made a decision that you’re happy to lose that amount of money, to gain the experience of having a great night out. Gambling at online casinos is exactly the same.

The games themselves should be what you’re paying for. You should only log in to an online casino to have fun playing games and enjoying the risk of losing your money. But at the end of the day, you should always be happy with the amount you’ve lost and feel like the investment was worth it. And if you leave with a little extra, then all the better.


Not Varying Your Play Time

casino game varietyRepetition is the killer of fun. Going through the motions is something that sadly, a lot of us have to go through in our day to day lives. But when it comes to our recreation time, that’s when we should throw the monotony and take some time to enjoy ourselves.

It’s an absolute shame that some people still find themselves slipping into old habits when they visit the casinos. Namely, players have a habit of sticking with the games that they’ve grown used to.

It’s not abnormal to meet people who say that they only play slot games, or they will only play blackjack, or even that roulette is the best game at the casino and they refuse to even look at anything else. This is a shame because online casinos have the most diverse choice of games that you’ll find in any casino.

Online casinos don’t have to worry about physical space, so their libraries are packed to brim with excellent games, from incredible developers. And these developers are producing more varied and innovative games as the months go by, so the casino is always getting more exciting every single time you log in.

If you’re one of those players who sticks to the same games over and over again, you might find yourself getting bored. Our advice is to go out there and try out a game that you might never have given a go before. The starting wagers for most games are small and even then, most games have a demo mode so you don’t have to put up any money to try out a new game. It’s not much of a risk to potentially find your favourite new game type and stop yourself getting bored at the casino, when you’re supposed to be having fun.


Sticking With A Bad Casino Out Of Loyalty

Wbad casino slot machinehen people first start playing at the casinos, it’s pretty acceptable that they don’t really have the first clue what they’re doing. Most people will discover a casino which is reasonably good and use it as a jumping off point to understanding how casinos work.

However, once you start playing at a casino, it can be hard to pack up and leave, especially once you’ve gotten used to how it works and find yourself in a comfortable routine. At MS4U, we know just how incredibly diverse the world of online casinos is. This world contains a lot of casinos which offer exceptional value in terms of their rewards and the games they offer.

On the flip side, we’ve also seen the worst that online casinos have to offer, with many of them making us question how they’re still in business. A lot of the time, the answer is simply that they have a loyal fan base who spun their first reels there and then never moved on and explored greener pastures.

We’re not saying that you’re casino is a terrible one, but we do implore to get out there and check out some other recommended casinos, so you can compare what you’re getting, with what you could get. If you don’t anything better about other casinos, then you’ve probably got a good one. But you might also surprise yourself with how good online casinos can get and finally free yourself of the terrible casino that you’ve become so accustomed to!