UK Gambling Commission Logo on British Flag

 It is no secret that the UK Gambling Commission have introduced some major changes to the remote gambling industry in the past years and now, some more of those are heading our way. New rules and regulations will soon be implemented on all mobile slots that are being spun by Brits and will ensure that players are being wise with their money and cutting their losses before it’s too late. Let’s explore what the new rules and changes are all about in more depth.


New Win and Loss Limits

While we love telling you about new mobile slots and brand new casino promotions, some news in the gambling industry are more serious. Nonetheless, they are equally as important as that great new jackpot or bonus that you’re chasing, because they will affect absolutely all mobile slot players.

We’re talking about the changes that UK Gambling Commission will be implementing. Namely, all casinos catering to British players and all mobile slots that Brits can place wagers on will be subject to new measures on autoplay that ensure responsible play. First of all, new win and loss limits will be introduced.


1. Single Win Limits

You might think it’s silly to place limits on a win, but wouldn’t you rather use your large win on something else than blowing it all on slots? Soon, all casinos will be required to stop autoplay based on the single win limit that you set yourself.

Let’s say you’d be happy with a £200 win to spend over the weekend, so autoplay would stop to allow you to walk away with that money as soon as you win that much or even exceed the sum due to one large win.

2. Jackpot Win LimitsWin or Lose Red Die

We thought it’d be wise to separate this from a single win limit, because jackpot wins are special. They can be mind-boggling in terms of their size, with prizes of hundreds of thousands and even millions occurring at regular intervals. That’s why it’s particularly important to ensure that jackpot winnings aren’t wasted on more gambling, but can be dealt with responsibly.

From now on, whenever you hit the jackpot of a mobile slot, the game will stop to allow you to think about what to do next. Think of it as a gentle nudge to ensure you’re smart with large sums of money.

3. Loss Limits

This one is more easy to fathom from all the upcoming changes as it’s been present at some casinos already. Basically, you’d set a loss limit for yourself when you use the autoplay feature of a mobile slot.

For example, if you can afford to lose only £50 in any given gambling session, then the autoplay will stop when you’ve lost that much. Chasing losses is never a good idea and you should walk away until you get yourself into trouble.


Reality Checks Will Occur Regularly

In addition to the win and loss limits that will be placed on autoplay mode, reality checks will also be introduced. Ideally, mobile slot players should be able to take a step back and evaluate the ‘reality’ themselves, but for those who aren’t able to do that, UK Gambling Commission are extending a helping hand.

From now on, you’ll be faced with a pop-up window to specify how long you want to play a particular game, up to a total maximum of 120 minutes. This is another measure to ensure that you don’t spend hours and hours on any one game, losing money and sticking around with hopes to win it all back. It almost never happens, so make sure you exit before it’s too late. These reality checks will definitely help you out with that. Reality Check Stamp Blue

A few of the casinos have already been applying these specified measures, but it was more the case of account settings rather than in-game settings. All of these limits on time and money spent gambling will help those who have a tendency to become problem gamblers prevent themselves from losing too much, whereas it shouldn’t negatively impact those, who are casual mobile slot players.

In sum, we are huge advocates of playing mobile slots responsibly and welcome these planned changes by the UK Gambling Commission. They will undoubtedly ensure that gamblers can play safer and smarter, avoiding problems such as gambling addiction later in life. Let’s all enjoy mobile slots responsibly!