If you think about it, gambling isn’t usually an activity you do alone. Well, actually, it depends on what you do. If you’re going to dress up for and go for a night on the town with your friends, then you might have a gamble at your local casino as part of the fun. Again, when you go to a bookkeepers, you might go down there with a few mates from the pub. These examples are rather circumstantial, we admit, but in real-life gambling you have the option of doing so either alone or with a group of friends.

You’re more likely to do it with a group of friends, however, seeing as going to the bookies alone makes you look like a gambling addict thanks to stigma. With mobile gambling, on the other hand, you do it almost entirely alone. This sounds obvious — the whole point of something being mobile is that it’s private and personal to you. But should we always partake in mobile gambling alone?


The Benefits Of Companionship

Cheerful business peopleWhile there are no scientific studies to prove if people gamble better solo, it sure does feel lonely sometimes when you feel like you’re the only one participating in your favourite hobby. And although there are communities surrounding casinos and bingo sites , online gambling is hardly known for making friends.

That isn’t to say it’s impossible, however. There are whole social media platforms that casinos run for the sake promoting themselves and giving their players another channel for communication — not just with them, but with each other.

For the most part, though, mobile gambling is usually done alone — physically, if not digitally. And by that we don’t just mean that you’re alone in a room. You could be on a crowded bus and still feel like your gambling all by yourself. This is why we think that it’s best that, when you do gamble online, it’s always a good idea to have some kind of real life companion that you could join in with.

There are many benefits to this. Not only do you not feel crushingly isolated, but you get someone who you can talk about this with, someone who can understand what you do a little better, and someone who doesn’t make you look like a weirdo. A friend in mobile gambling could help prevent you from becoming addicted to it, too.  At the very least it’s a point of conversation.


The Perks Of Isolation

gowin casino mobile friendlyWe do recognise, however, that just because you do something alone that doesn’t make it a bad thing nor does it make you a loner or weird. If it’s something that you enjoy and makes you happy, then who are we to judge, as long as it’s not hurting anyone else. If you take the trouble to find a real-life online gambling buddy, there are drawbacks as well as improvements.

First, you may come to rely on that person to get any enjoyment out of your experience so that when they’re having off-day and don’t want to join in, you’re right back at square one. Also, their habits might not match yours at all.

You may gamble more than three times a week while they may only do it once a week. Obviously, you wouldn’t choose someone whose schedule clashes with your own but you may not have many options. At least on your own, you get to choose whenever you like to gamble and not have to bet your enjoyment on somebody else who’s entirely unreliable.

Besides, many people turn to mobile gambling to get away from people in the first place. It’s definitely a more introverted thing to do. If you want to socialize more, why don’t you go to a casino or bookies with your mates, like we suggested earlier?


So Should We Do It Alone?

All-in-all, it’s down to the individual to decide what they would rather do. If you’re feeling a bit down because you’ve got no one to share your hobby with, then by all means seek out a friend. On the other hand, we encourage you not to rely too much on said friend because friends can be… well, unreliable. Your lives aren’t devoted around mobile gambling after all (at least, we hope it isn’t).