blackjack winnerEveryone is looking for a quick way to improve their chances of winning at mobile casinos – whether it’s trying to better understand how games work to anticipate a win, or playing for a jackpot when it’s likely to drop – but all too few players think about how their own mind set and behaviour plays into their success.

While there’s no way to guarantee a win when gambling (it wouldn’t be gambling if there were), there are a number of character traits shared by the most successful gamblers, which you can foster in yourself to improve your chances of winning, and reduce your chances of losing large amounts of cash. We decided we’d share some of these traits, and give you the chance to build yourself into a better gambler from the inside out.


1. Budgeting

Ok, let’s get the really boring one out the way right at the top. Yes, the word ‘budgeting’ alone might be enough to make your eyelids feel like anvils, but a sensible gambler always knows exactly how much money they can spend, and sticks to this budget. You should always be thinking of gambling just like any other hobby and as such think of the money you’re going to wager with as cash you’re spending on having a good time. It should be enough that you enjoy yourself, but not so much that if you lose everything you’re in trouble.


2. Discipline

casino mistakes angry manThe close cousin of budgeting is discipline. While it’s all good and well knowing how much you can allow yourself to spend on gambling, it’s a whole different thing to stick to that figure. If you don’t have enough self-control to play within your means then you’re going to come untied.

And discipline goes beyond budgeting too – you need to be disciplined in the way you pay to ensure you don’t miss opportunities for win or torpedo yourself with unfortunate decisions.


3. Patience

Great gamblers know that sometimes wins only come around once every little while and that to land the really big money, you might have to wait an awful long time. So how do they manage to keep their heads in the game while it all seems to be going pear shaped? By having a healthy dose of patience of course. Clear your mind of distractions, and focus yourself on your game – if things aren’t going well now, they might turn around soon enough – just give yourself time.


4. Positivity

Woman Enjoying Betfred Mobile GamesWhile being patient is one way to stick with a disappointing game, you’ll also need to keep yourself from sliding into disaffection and pessimism while you wait for the winds of fate to change direction.

That’s why the very best gamblers are the people who manage to sustain their own internal supply of positivity, and stay upbeat and focused, even in the face of seeming poor odds. This is arguable the hardest entry on this list to cultivate artificially, but perhaps the most crucial to master.

5. Pragmatism

Let’s all chant it in unison: “you can’t always win!” That is your mantra that you need to never lose sight of. While you are entitled to have the approach to gambling that you’re ‘in it to win it’, you also have to stay realistic about your chances, and be pragmatic in your approach to playing.

If you’re on a losing streak, double down. If you’re up, increase your wagers. Those are the basics of pragmatic gambling, but it’s not until you accept that you’re going to lose more often than you’re going to win big that you’re going to become a top gambler.