Boxer EmojiMicrogaming and NetEnt have always been friendly rivals in the online and mobile casino gambling scene, with the innovations made by one always pushing the other to develop faster and vice versa. Though these are two of the most likely names to pop into your head if someone asked you to name a mobile slots developer, they’re never really competing head on for each other’s players, given that the themes and styles of their slot releases tend to be so different.

That was until this month, as both developers made the unprecedented move to step on each other’s toes and create crazily similar slots that’ll very much attract the same players. With both of these developer giants releasing Emoji themed games this month, the stage seems set for a battle for the hearts and minds of players like we’ve never seen before. The question on everyone’s lips is which out of these two mega companies will manage to win the market over to their game.

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A Tale Of Two Emojis

Emojicoins SlotMicrogaming may have drawn first blood in this battle, with the release earlier this month of its EmotiCoins. However there might be some fowl play going on here. Although Microgaming was speedy enough in development to get their game to market first, it wasn’t until NetEnt had announced that they were developing their Emoji themed game, Emojiplanet, that we heard anything about it from Microgaming.

It seems, then, that Microgaming might actually have been aiming to steal NetEnt’s thunder. See kids, this is what happens when you base your slots on un-trademarked brands. So, what does this difference in production time reveal about the games in question?

Well, you might not be surprised to discover that NetEnt’s Emojiplanet is set to be the more technologically advanced game. While Microgaming’s slot’s main feature is extra spins (called Emoji Extra Spins to make it more exciting), NetEnt has developed six totally unique features to match six different Emojis. To be honest, while Microgaming’s slot seems pretty forgettable, we’re super excited for next week’s launch of Emojiplanet.


Who Will Win The Battle Of The Emojis?

Emojiplanet Slot Honestly? They jury is still out. On paper, the NetEnt game should be the one winning the crowds, given the fact that it’s far more feature rich and should be a more innovative and enjoyable gaming experience. However, there’s an awful lot to be said for being the first in anything. You might not necessarily have to have the best product, but if yours is the first game people play, it’s that one they’re going to remember.

By getting a game out a few weeks earlier, Microgaming may have managed to totally knock the wind out of NetEnt’s sails by ensuing that when its game does finally make it to casinos, no matter how good it is, it’ll still be too late to ride the wave of Emoji themed slots hype.

This is going to be an interesting case study, and even more exciting to watch given the size and prowess of both developers. You can play Microgaming’s EmotiCoins now and look out for NetEnt’s Emojiplanet being released next week.

Play Both Microgaming And NetEnt Games At LeoVegas!