As part of a new promotion, 888 Casino has taken inspiration from the recent mobile hit Pokemon Go and made their own virtual reality exploration experience called Free Bet Hunt. Free Bet Hunt is now available to play via the 888sports app and mobile site.

The new mobile game sends players out to football stadiums across the UK, to track down free football bets hidden inside. Using geo-tracking, the app will track player’s locations as they hunt down bonuses in the real world, that they can then use during their 888 mobile football bets.


The Hunt Begins With Free Bet Hunt

888 casino advert pokemon go

888 themselves have claimed that following trends and being at the forefront of culture, is the most direct way that businesses can connect to their users. Following in the footsteps of Pokemon Go is a fitting move, given that the app had racked up just over 100 million downloads as of August 1st 2016. There have been other geo-tracking games in the past, but the market appears to have fully embraced them in the last few months, with no better time than now to get on board with the concept.

Itai Pazner, senior vice president at 888 Holding, commented on the release of the game: “the creation of the Free Bet Hunt game was a response by us to the growing geo-targeting trend in the apps market. At 888sport we always strive to be at the forefront of innovative technology and to provide our customers with unique, immersive offerings which they can’t find elsewhere. We’re delighted to be the first company of our kind to offer this to our customers.” 

Free Bet Hunt is certainly not the first of its kind, but it is an original step for a casino provider to take in terms of promotional campaigns. If it’s successful, it sets a precedent for how new developments in mobile technology and games innovation will be used as part of future casino promotions.


Getting Involved In The Free Bet Hunt

free bet huntThe plan is for the game to be active throughout the current football season, adding in numerous innovations and activities that 888sport will host over the next few months. Free Bet Hunt hotspots are available to discover at Premier League fixtures during match time, as well as Championship team stadiums sponsored by 888sport. The four Championship team stadiums will include: Birmingham City, Brentford, Nottingham Forest and Preston North End.

For the time being, players will be able to snatch up free bets, but further promos and bonuses may turn up in the near future. All the locations will be accessible outside the stadium, so you don’t have to buy a match ticket to play. You can just track your bonus to the stadium and pick it up right there and then, just in time to switch your app over to place your free football bets with 888.