SuperLenny, Thrills and Playtech LogosYou can never say anything definitively with mobile casinos. As soon as we publish our list of who we think are the top 5 mobile casinos to use Playtech games, out comes the news that two more great casinos will be not only adding Playtech games but also and taking advantage of Playtech’s Open Platform. All this might throw our estimates of the ultimate Playtech casinos up in the air, but it’s great news for players, who’ll get to experience great Playtech games, and games from a whole host of other developers, in a whole new context.

Who are the casinos?

The reason I’m so excited about this news is that the two casinos in question are a couple of the newest kids on the block, who represent a new school of casinos which are aiming for a cool and alternative crowd of players. Thrills Mobile Casino and SuperLenny (for these are the two casinos adding Playtech’s Open Platform) are as quirky as they are fun, and each already has an impressive array of games, so the addition of Open Platform title is merely embellishing an already very tempting offering.

Both the sites are owned and operated by BetIt – a Malta based company which launched the casinos with a mix of in-house developed titles, and others borrowed from elsewhere. They’re both pretty young casinos too, but each already enjoys a cult following thanks to their individuality.

What is Open Platform?

Before you go thinking that by adding Playtech’s Open Platform you’re only going to be seeing Playtech titles popping up at Thrills and SuperLenny, take a minute to understand what the Platform really has to offer. The Open Platform brings together hundreds of slots and casino games from over 30 different developers, and serves them up in one easy to access and use platform.

By adding the Platform, Thrills and SuperLenny won’t have to pick and choose new titles all the time, as the Open Platform is constantly expanding with new offerings, meaning that they’ll almost always be something new to play at each casino.

At the moment, the Open Platform boast over 70 mobile games – which in itself is an impressive figure – but plans are afoot that will see this number double over the next year, meaning that the Playtech Open Platform will offer more mobile titles than almost any other casino or platform in the industry.