Great Cashby Genesis Gaming Slot LogoGenesis Gaming are at it again; they’ve crafted a new mobile slot The Great Cashby that celebrates the roaring twenties. And it’s not all about drama, parties and good looking ladies on the five reels of this game. Featuring a multi-level bonus where you keep getting awarded larger multipliers for as long as you’re winning, the Great Cashby is also optimised for Flash and HMTL5. That means you can rest assured that device compatibility will not be anything you’ll have to worry about when it comes to playing The Great Cashby wherever you are.


Unibet Casino Will Host The Great Cashby Mobile Slot!

Just a few weeks ago, we previewed Jason’s Quest, an exciting slot that’s also brought to us from Genesis Gaming. And while you can expect Jason’s Quest to land at mobile casinos in April, there is no word as to when expect The Great Cashby just yet. However, if you’ve always wanted to experience the roaring American twenties, the time of speakeasies and bootlegged booze, we’re sure this game will be worth the wait. Although we only have a quick teaser video to go on, it appears that it will be a great game and definitely one to look out for!


An Unexpectedly Awesome Theme

Great Cashby Genesis Gaming Slot GameplayShould we just spend a minute talking about the remarkable fact that no other developer before had come up with a 1920s slot? We really appreciate that Genesis Gaming have taken their time to adapt the book of The Great Gatsby into a mobile slot and have crafted an awesome title for it. Are you trying to tell us that you didn’t laugh, at least giggle or smirk a little when you first read it? We don’t believe you for a second!

While the reels are adorned with the regular Js, Qs, As, 10s and 9s, the rest of the symbols are characters. Drama, excitement and romance all await you on the reels of The Great Cashby as symbols interact with one another if they land nearby. While this isn’t unique, it is definitely something that will liven up the gameplay and shun monotony. Champagne corks pop and the reels go cha-ching when you hit a paying combo.


The Great Cashby Features

Great Cashby Genesis Gaming Slot Bonus FeatureThis slot doesn’t just have your regular profit boosting features, but also an interactive one too. Highly popular among developers right now, you will enter a secret speakeasy where a bartender will dish up cocktails. Allowing you to build up to a multiplier of 48x by collecting drink symbols on the reels above the bar, the feature will also pay cash if you complete all levels or a consolation prize for partial levels. In sum, here is a run-down of all what The Great Cashby will be like:


  • Unique and engaging theme of 1920s America
  • 5 reels and 25 paylines
  • Interactive symbols on the reels – drama guaranteed!
  • Back Room Bar feature – win a multiplier up to 48x and cash prizes
  • Stacked Wilds
  • Reported frequent hit rate

If you can’t wait to immerse yourself in this remarkable era through The Great Cashby mobile slot that Genesis Gaming will be releasing soon, then keep an eye on our news section so that we can inform you of the release date as soon as that becomes definite. And until then, best of luck, old sport!

Unibet Casino Will Host The Great Cashby Mobile Slot!