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Dragon Born – Intro

We’ve got to admit – we’ve not heard of Big Time Gaming before, but this gorgeous new release quickly caught our eye. It will particularly appeal to those who are seeking big thrills and high wins as this mobile slot is a high variance one. Using a 6x4 reel layout and an innovative way of calculating paylines called Megaways, the slot also has full reel wilds, extra spins and other exciting features. So, our question is – do you have the courage that it will take to play this medieval dragon hunt themed slot that can give (or take) a lot? Let’s find out!

About The Slot
We love reviewing new games, but often they can get a bit samey. And it’s not just in their reel set-up or theme, but the absolute majority of slots that are released nowadays are low variance or low/medium variance options. That’s why we’re so excited about Dragon Born, a high variance beast that you must tame and the unique reels that you have to get used to. Trust us, you’ll be rewarded pretty well for all of your efforts.

We have never seen a slot like this and we bet you haven’t either, simply because it was never created before. While we’ve come across slots that had upwards of 4,000 ways to win, Big Time Gaming has created and patented a new system that enables you to get up to 117,649 ways to win. Talk about high variance and maximum payouts!

Add to that a likable theme of Medieval characters and dragons, innovative reels that can result in varying numbers of symbols each spin, Wilds, Scatters and Extra Spins of up to 50 at a time, this game is some hot stuff.

Medieval Charm And Dragons
When you got both of those, you’re pretty much guaranteed a slot with plenty of action and good looks too. It’s not absolutely original, the theme, yet the graphics are beautiful. The symbols range from adorned letters, exquisite sapphires, diamonds and rubies, fire breathing dragons and a whole range of medieval characters including knights, queens and kings.

Plus, the backdrop of mountains and plains adds to the authenticity of the game and the golden frame that the reels are set in looks great. As mythical and mysterious as the slot looks, the storyline of this game should be very familiar – protect the royals in the caste from the Dragon and it’s evil mistress. For doing that, you can earn multipliers and some lofty line wins too.

Although we’re not exactly familiar with Big Time Gaming, they’ve definitely gotten onto our radar now that they released Dragon Born. We have only read about the state-of-the-art OMNI HTML5 platform before, but seeing it in action, we can safely say that this could be a game changer in the industry.

Because of it’s high quality and full responsiveness, OMNI HTML5 makes us want to reiterate how good the game looks on the few mobile devices that we’ve tried it on. Plus there was no way to break it either, no matter how hard we tried. All buttons and controls work as they should be working, there were no glitches or lags to report and even on desktop, the game performed as a true champ.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (£)

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How Can The Dragon Born Reels Bring Me Massive Wins?
We’ve said it – there are some huge wins to be had with this high variance slot, not least because the maximum win is 100,000x your stake and more! But let’s talk about those funky looking reels that are unlike any other. There are 42 windows in total that can fill up with symbols on each spin and even more during the Extra Spins round.

The six reels are dynamic and can get a different number of symbols per spin, which might sound confusing. After all, how do you how many paylines you’re dealing with? Well, that’s displayed right at the top of the reels after each spin, so you know exactly what you could stand to win. Confused yet? Don’t be. Essentially, the more of the small symbols that land on your reels, the more paylines (Megaways) you can activate, thus winning ever-larger sums of cash.

In addition to the Megaways feature, the adventure continues as every single one of your wins is multiplied by your stake too. So whatever you bet from £1 to £200, that will be your multiplier for the spin. Granted, the reported return-to-play isn’t as high as we’d like it to be at just 95%, but you’ve got to risk some to gain some, right?

Yet, does this high volatility/variance mean that the game is unsuitable for casual players? Not if you want to get your adrenaline pumping and aren’t afraid to lose a few wads of cash. While you can make the game as risky as you want it to be, you could also stick to minimum bet of £1 to try your luck and see if a colossal win comes your way. Yet, be warned that this game is one of the easiest that we’ve played where you can literally lose it all.

Game Features: Wilds and Extra Spins
As Nick Robinson, the CEO of Big Time Gaming said upon the release of Dragon Born, the game “really takes flight when the bonus round locks the gameplay into seven symbols per reel, making way for massive winning ways not seen before in video slot history.” With that in mind, let’s discover what features Dragon Born has got in store for us.

Wilds and Full Reel Wilds
The Wild symbol in Dragon Born is the pretty lady Joker and it can appear on its own or occupy entire reels of seven symbols. Plus it can appear on reels two through six, so hold on to your hats while we do the maths for you. Each Full Reel Wild can grant a multiplier of up to 7x, depending on how many symbol spaces it’s taking up.

Then – here comes the great bit – multiple Full Reel Wilds multiply each other, so let’s say you got three Full Reel Wilds of 7x each. That would combine to give you a massive multiplier of 343x. But let’s continue and say you’re playing with £75 bets per spin. You’d walk away with a grand total of £17,150! Risky? We know and you bet! Worth your while? Only you can answer this for yourself.

Extra Spins Galore!
If that calculation above didn’t get your blood pumping, then maybe the information on the Extra Spins will. As we quoted the CEO in the introduction to the Features section, you can really expect grand things from the Extra Spins mode, after you trigger it with Diamond Scatters. Those can appear on any slot of any reel and cannot only trigger, but also re-trigger Extra Spins.

Three Diamonds will equal 6 Extra Spins, four Diamonds will get you a dozen Extra Spins, five Diamonds will allow for 25 Extra Spins and the ultimate six Diamonds will see you play through 50 Extra Spins. As we said, you can get more Extra Spins, with each additional diamond that shows up on your reels awarding an extra spin that will be tagged onto your total number of remaining Extra Spins.

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