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4 Seasons – Intro

It’s mayhem out there with developers trying to ‘one-up’ each other in developing slots that not only look incredible, but offer up amazing features too. This time, it’s the turn of Betsoft, a developer that’s famed for its high quality graphics. This 3D slot with five reels and 30 paylines has just been released and its theme of Chinese Zodiac is captivating. Let’s look at it in more detail in this 4 Seasons mobile slot review.

About The Slot
First release of the year and Betsoft have done an incredible job. Not only is this mobile slot a true looker, but it’s got loads of cool features too. The seasons in the backdrop of the game change as does the zodiac sign that yields the largest multipliers. This level of interactivity is really all the rage right now, so there is little wonder that Betsoft have jumped on board.

The extreme variations in bet levels make this slot suitable for both beginners and advanced high-rollers and there’s definitely enough cash to go around. How do 750,000 coins for a maximum payout sound like? Pretty awesome? We thought so too, so read on to find out exactly how you could get your paws on that money today!

Who’s Betsoft?
Before we look at the game more in-depth, we thought we’d familiarise ourselves and you, our readers, more with Betsoft Gaming. We haven’t reviewed any of their games before, but a quick glance at their portfolio reveals that they always go for high quality and make a good first impression.

Founded in 1999, Betsoft are well-known for their innovative, 3D games and have accumulated 180 machine titles up to date. Perhaps it was one of the first software developers to recognise the trend of video gamification of mobile slots and taken the task of producing excellent looking games straight to heart.

Yet, that’s not to say that they skimp on the features or the winning potential of their games. Ranging in variance and maximum payout sums, Betsoft games can certainly make you rich and you’ll enjoy the experience on your way to the riches. The themes also have a good range, from the angel vs devil game of Good Girl Bad Girl, the western style True Sheriff and the crazy scientist of Madder Scientist.

Game Features


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Entertaining Gameplay Of 4 Seasons
So it comes as little surprise that extra attention to detail was paid when crafting the cutting edge 4 Seasons slot. It’s a stunner! Not only are all the symbols created in glorious 3D and come to life through the playful game graphics, but the background in itself is something worth talking about.

Although we do have to say that the font is hard to read at times, it adds to the authenticity of the Chinese Zodiac theme. And part of the Zodiac are the twelve little animals that adorn the reels, plus the Golden Cat Wilds and the Yin & Yang Extra Spins symbols. Monkey, Rooster, Rat, Tiger, Rabbit, Horse, Dragon, Ox, Goat, Pig, Dog and Snake all come to life and the soothing zen background music adds to the charm.

You can bet anywhere from 60p to £150, making this game suitable both for beginners and high risk players alike. When you start playing, you’ll be asked to make a selection up to five bets per line and the size of the coin from 0.2, 0.5, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 or 1. You can quickly select to bet the max by clicking on the Max Bet button. Plus, there is the autoplay option too.

As we already mentioned, the background experiences a change of seasons, so that you’re never bored. Every ninety spins, the wheel of seasons will shift so that the background is either a blustery and colourful autumn, a bright spring setting filled with cherry blossoms, a harsh winter or a green and sunny summer. What’s more is that every thirty spins, the dominant Zodiac sign and the two signs flanking it will also change, bringing multipliers, but more on that in the features section.

Game Features: Multipliers, Wilds and Extra Spins
The 4 Seasons slot has got some regular features, such as the Wilds and the Extra Spins, but there are also the multipliers which change every thirty spins, bringing excitement to the reels.

Have you always enjoyed watching the mesmerising waving Golden cat sculptures at your local Chinese takeaway? Well, they are considered to bring luck and this is no different in 4 Seasons. The Lucky Golden Cat Wilds appear on the reels very often and can substitute for any other symbol, except the Extra Spins one.

In addition, you can also trigger 8, 12 or 20 Extra Spins with three, four and five scatter symbols accordingly. The Extra Spins play through in the same setting as the basic game and there are no multipliers applied or anything else special going on – simple Extra Spins feature, actually.

Double Up Or Get Some Block Wins
We nearly forgot to mention that for every single win that you get in the regular gameplay, you can bet to ‘double or nothing’ your winnings. This is similar to a head or tails format and it’s up to you if you want to risk it all. We’d say if the win is small enough for you to want to risk it, then go for the Double Up.

There’s little to lose and perhaps you could go from a smallish win to a medium sized one to plump up your casino account. Or keep on going and betting as the feature won’t stop until you want it to or until you stop winning, that is. Maybe take that medium win to a massive one! N.B. Double Up isn’t available during Extra Spins mode.

Last, but certainly not least, there are the Block Win Combos available on 4 Seasons too. Better known simply as stacked symbols on all reels, two stacked animals will get you a multiplier of 2x, three will get you a multiplier of 3x, four will yield a 5x multiplier and the best of all – five symbols will yield 10x multiplier! Keep in mind that you cannot use Wilds to achieve these combos and claim multipliers, so it will all come down to sheer luck.

Seasonal Wheel of Multipliers
We already briefly touched upon this feature in the gameplay section above, but let’s look at it in more detail now. The Seasonal Wheel of the Zodiac is placed in the bottom left corner of the game screen with a Day Counter as well. Every 30 spins, or days, the wheel rotates and changes to the following animal of the Zodiac. This way, eventually every animal will have had its turn – it’s only fair!

The golden animal, aka the current Zodiac, will bring a 10x multiplier if you trigger a winning combination with it. Meanwhile, the two animals flanking the golden one are considered silver and bring a 5x multiplier. Lastly, the animals that are indicated on the wheel as bronze will get you a multiplier of 2x. Whenever gold, silver or bronze Zodiac Wheel animals are triggered in the combo, they will light up in bright yellow, blue or brown accordingly.

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