Mobile Slots 4U New Sections GraphicMobileSlots4U – UK's #1 resource for all real money casino games – is back with a new layout. We thought the existing magazine is more about general news and basic guides, and it's definitely time for more advanced stuff! As we mentioned on our previous blog post, there's so much happening at mobile casinos now than in 2012 or 2013. The industry is booming at an exponential rate, and we are all set to be part of this steep curve!

Accordingly, you'll see our Magazine brimming with useful information about various new games, promotions, winners and banking options, and more. We'll continue to do Slot Reviews and Casino Reviews, so this portion of the site is not really changing.

We're adding internal structure to our magazine section, which means that the bit of the URL after /mag/shall indicate your chosen internal section. Note that at this point, these internal sections won't be visible from the home page directly, but when we get around to doing this, we'll broadcast the news!

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New Games

Whenever there's news about a new game launching, or couple of games launching on a particular casino, we'll report it in this section. There have been couple of new games in the first half of the year like the spooky Which Witch at mFortune; the sugary Fizz Factory at LadyLucks', and a couple of football-themed slots like Football Star at GoWild casino. Let's wait and watch what surprises are in for the second half of 2014!

New Casinos

Vera & John LogoThis year's biggest launch has undoubtedly been Vera & John, a massive online casino with over 500 games from 5 top game makers. As mentioned on our previous post, the industry is moving towards a two-way polygamous relationship between casinos and game makers — both entities are collaborating with ‘n' other entities to benefit the player community at large!

New Promotions

New promotions are happening all the year round at various casinos. UK is going crazy over the Rio 2014 Football World Cup, and everyone is giving away loads of prizes. To us, it looks like festive and sport seasons play a major role in the benefits of new promotions. This is getting more exciting than ever…


Does reading about someone else's wins at a casino inspire you or make you jel? Winners must be congratulated, so this section is dedicated to all the lucky folks! If you follow our news section perfectly, you'll know where the big jackpots are, and you could be the next lucky winner!


We realised you might be better off with some dedicated guides to mobile banking. You probably want to know the best deposit and withdrawal option on a casino, or you want us to dig a little deeper in to the brand new deposit methods like Bitcoins. You'll find some useful advice on this section. Use this section in conjunction with our other Guide section.



This is not one for the immediate future, but we thought it'd be nice to present some interviews with the casino operators, or the game makers.  If you're a winner, and you'd like us to set up an interview with you, you're more than welcome to contact us! If you're one who draws your own analysis of things, also read our complementary section on ‘Opinion‘. This should help you analyse what the biggies are saying, and what's actually happening!

That's pretty much it for now, peeps. If you're a first timer on our site, you want to read more about us as well!

Talk to you soon…