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Treasure Ahoy – Intro

Here’s one way to get players excited about a new game: publish an awesome promotional blurb. I read this recently: “It’s time to raise the Jolly Roger, prepare the plank and list the anchor – we’re off to spin our slots on the seven seas!” As you might guess from the lingo, this new game is pirate-themed. Titled Treasure Ahoy, it is the latest slot game released by PocketWin Mobile Casino. The game’s description continues to intrigue – players can actually go on a treasure hunt, complete with a map and real cash prizes. I didn’t waste a second longer and immediately proceeded to test-drive this new game, not to mention, I am a longstanding PocketWin fan. For those who have no acquainted themselves with PocketWin before, you’re missing out. It’s a small four-year old mobile casino that writes and develops their own games. Their original games are always big on storyline and generous with cash payouts. Well, Treasure Ahoy did not disappoint.

About The Slot
Treasure Ahoy has a 5x3 reel setup. There are 15 paylines in Treasure Ahoy; these are not adjustable and you’ll play with all 15 paylines at all times. Most importantly, spins start at only 2p. It’s the ultimate cheap thrill that you can enjoy on your bus ride home or in the evening, sprawled out on your couch.

There’s a progressive jackpot on offer too, which stood just over £4,500 at the time of the game’s launch. This top prize grows larger as more people play the game. A portion of every player’s wager is set aside to fund a prize pool, which becomes more and more attractive by the day. Most jackpot slots at PocketWin Mobile Casino grow to about five or six grand while a small handful of them climb up to £20,000 before it is won.

Of course, few thousand pounds is a meagre amount when compared to the six-figure jackpots on offer at other mobile casinos. However, I’d rather test my luck at a realistic jackpot game than spend my bucks on yet another elusive lottery. I would take a few extra grand any day of the week too.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
From the looks of it, Treasure Ahoy has got the pirate theme down pat. Grimy pirates, friendly parrots, boats, organ music and a quest. The pirates are styled in the usual pirate garb: eye patch, pirate hat, pirate flag, bandana, peg leg, parrot on shoulder, leather belt. The game is so thoughtfully designed that I loved spotting the little details throughout the game. For example, big wins are celebrated with a giant exclamation of “Shiver Me Timbers!”

The game is designed in PocketWin’s usual artistic style. It’s cartoonish, but definitely does not venture into the kiddy zone. Like all PocketWin offerings, the game is built as a small app. To play, you’ll enter your phone number on their website and the casino will send a link for you to download the app. The game is said to work on 99% of all phones; mobile or tablet, Android or iOS. The mobile convenience doesn’t end there. You can also deposit easily from your phone by depositing through SMS. All you have to do is send a confirmation SMS and the money will be deducted from your credit or added to your monthly phone bill.

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Game Features: Treasure Hunts And Golden Wheels!
PocketWin’s slot games are best known for their stellar mini games. All of their games have full mini games that fit nicely into the game’s narrative. In their Knight’s of the Round Table slot, players can follow a noble knight as he smashes dragon eggs; in Cheese Chase, you’ll, well, chase the cheese. In a pirate-themed game, it’s only fitting that players participate in an actual treasure hunt!

Treasure Ahoy lives up to the usual PocketWin expectations. If you spin three or more bonus games, you’ll reveal a treasure map that you can follow in search for treasure. You’ll spin the “dice” and move a certain number of steps along the game board (similar to the classic game of Snakes and Ladders). As you scale the map, you’ll pick up cash multipliers to line your treasure belt. These multipliers range in value between 2x to 70x, and grow larger in value the further along you’re in the game. The game is played at the most recent bet level setting before you triggered the mini game. All multipliers you win during the Treasure Hunt are then applied onto this bet setting.

Of course, no game is fun without a little bit of risk. In this map game, you’ll have to avoid wild sharks and other dangerous sea critters from stealing your loot. If you land on these unfavourable symbols, your treasure hunt ends and you’re back to regular gameplay.

If you land on the captain’s golden wheel during the treasure hunt, you’ll be transported into yet another mini game. This mini game is a regular spin-the-wheel kind, with a pretty blue-haired mermaid. However, the game sets you up for success and riches. There are four huge multipliers around the wheel – ranging from 10x to 70x – and zero likelihood of losing. If you were playing at 10p per spin, the 70x multiplier means that you’ll instantly pick up £7! Once you’ve bagged your win, you’ll be sent right back to the treasure hunt.

Unlike other slot games where the special features only occur once in a blue moon, Treasure Ahoy makes sure that all players get a chance at the treasure. I’ve stumbled upon the mini game twice during my ten-minute gaming session. If anything, you might be annoyed to participate the Treasure Hunt too often!

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PocketWin Casino offers £5 bonus to all new players, no deposit required. That adds up to about 50 extra spins in the game and a solid gaming session. What’s better, you’ll keep everything that you win with no hidden terms and conditions. It is important to contrast this with the bonuses offered by other mobile casinos. Usually, casinos tie up their free cash and require their players to spend 30x of the bonus cash value before they can withdraw any winnings. PocketWin is genuine. On top of the free fiver, PocketWin will also match 100% of your first deposit. I’ve compared more than sixty casinos in my time as a casino reviewer and I can tell you with absolute certainty: no other casino in the whole world can match PocketWin’s genuine proposition.

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