Casino Cruise Pre-Launch PromotionHow would you like to celebrate the launch of a new mobile casino by winning an amazing, once in a lifetime cruise to Brazil? If you’ve been enthralled by the excitement and colour of the country as seen in its carnivals or recently in the FIFA World Cup, and fancy visiting yourself, then now is your chance to win a completely free trip, courtesy of a very generous casino that doesn’t even exist yet!

Casino Cruise is making sure that its imminent launch remains unforgettable (for at least one lucky player anyway) as it offers people the chance to enter a free prize draw, whose top prize is a transatlantic cruise trip to South America. With the name of the casino being what it is, we can only hope that we’re going to see more of this sort of prize when it goes live.

Anyway, you probably want to know how to enter. Well, right now you can’t enter per se, but you can head to Cruise Casino’s current front page and register your email address. Once registered, you’ll be eligible to receive double the entries to the prize draw than people who failed to register. That means your chances of winning the cruise are double if you act soon and register.

The opportunity to win a cruise isn’t the only thing we should be looking forward to concerning the launch of Casino Cruise. The brand new site will host over 600 games from various software providers, meaning that you’ll have an unparalleled choice of titles to pick from and play. What’s more, a whole chunk of these games will be optimised for playing on smartphones and tablets, so you can take the fun of Casino Cruise with you anywhere.

On top of a vast choice of games, Casino Cruise promises to offer regular and generous promotions (hopefully every bit as generous as this pre-launch promotion), and will cater for as many players as possible by offering a plethora of deposit options in 40 different currencies and working in 5 different languages.

To double your chances of being the lucky recipient of a once in a lifetime cruise for free, all you need to do is head to now and register your email address. You’ll be contacted when the promotion goes live properly, and be notified when the casino is set for launch. Don’t let the ship set sail without you!

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