LadyLucks LogoWho can quite believe that LadyLucks Mobile Casino is 10 years old?! I know, I was surprised too, but I checked and it’s true – it’s been 10 years since (what is now considered to be the grandfather of mobile casinos) first graced our handsets with its presence. Well, never one to miss the opportunity to give something back (and get a little self-promotion in the meantime) LadyLucks has marked the occasion with a very special new bonus.

The Bonus

We all know the drill with most Probability run casinos – when you sign up you’re given £5 to play with free, then you get your deposit bonuses (it’s one of the reasons the company is one of the UK’s favourite software developers). At some times through the course of LadyLuck’s life, it’s increased its deposit free bonus to £10 to try and sweeten the deal for prospective players. This time however, they’ve really gone over the top.

Right now new players at LadyLucks can enjoy a whopping £20 absolutely free when they sign up! That’s 4 times the usual amount, meaning 4 times the number of spins, 4 times longer to play, and 4 times the winnings. There’s no word on whether this change of bonuses is permanent, or will revert any time soon, so it’s probably worth taking advantage sooner rather than later.

LadyLucks is 10!

Wow – what!? It’s pretty amazing to think that this casino has managed to attain the ripe old age it has, even more so when you consider that it started out as a mobile casino. While there are plenty of online casinos much older than it which made the transition to mobile later, LadyLucks was one of the first to head straight to our handsets.

And what an amazing decade it’s lived through. From the inception of the mobile gaming industry, through to today when we’re seeing some amazing games with phenomenal features and insane graphics pop up every day. And it’s not even like LadyLucks feels old or dated now; a major part of its success has always been moving with the times and staying fresh faced as it aged.

I for one am greatly looking forward to another 10 years of both LadyLucks and more mobile casino innovation.