American Dream Promotion at Virgin Games Mobile Casino Is Virgin Games’s newest promotion culturally insensitive? We’ll let you decide. America has a strong Irish heritage thanks to British persecution and famine which drove huge swathes of the population of Ireland across the Atlantic in hope of finding a better life. Well, now you have a chance of reliving that famous traumatic forced migrating with Virgin Games’s American Dream promotion!

As you may or may not have inferred already, the prize up for grabs in the latest promotion is a trip to the glorious and historic town of Boston in the USA, famed for its world class university and dislike of taxation without representation. A trip, I’m sure you’ll agree (after you’ve looked at the Lonely Planet guide for Boston) will definitely keep you entertained for at least 2 or 3 days!

To be in with a chance of winning as part of this new promotion, all you need to do is wager £10 on Rainbow Riches – everyone’s favourite Irish themed slot – before next Thursday (30th October 2014). Every player who wagers this small, small amount will be entered into the draw, and one lucky winner will be able to break their Irish shackles and jet off to the New World. The good news is you can now fly there, rather than take a 5 week voyage on a rat infested ship surviving on measly rations.Virgin Games Logo

Don’t worry if you’re not the overall winner, however, as there are other runner up prizes as part of the American Dream promotion too, so you can enjoy things like free tablets or casino bonuses while still being complicit in the appropriation of national suffering into mass entertainment.

Good Luck!