All About Virgin PromotionVirgin is pretty good at promotions; across all the different mobile and online gaming manifestations there is always some extra fun to be had in the form of a bonus, promotion, competition or tournament. Whether it’s one off promotion like the recent American Dream promo, or the everyday bonuses it offers loyal players – it’s all about promotions at Virgin. This time round, however, the promotion is All About Virgin. Virgin is playing to its strength to offer all players the chance to win huge prizes.

What’s the promotion about?

Virgin has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies, and the brand has all sorts of fun experiences at its disposal to give as prizes at moments just like this. Every day from now until this Sunday (30th November 2014) players have the chance to win one of four daily vouchers worth £250, which you can use towards amazing experiences like a luxury spa weekend or hot air balloon ride.

Who is it open to?

Everyone. Well, everyone who is eligible to play at a Virgin online or mobile gaming outlet. Whether slots, poker, blackjack or bingo is your thing, every player can get themselves entered into the daily draw for these amazing prizes. Obviously, as will all these kinds of promotions, not all games are seen to be equals, which is why it will cost you slightly different amounts to be able to get those draw entries.

If you’re in to bingo, it’s going to prove pretty cheap for you, and for every £10 you spend on the game, you’ll get an entry into the draws. For slots players, you’re looking at forking out a little more, with £30 buying you an entry for those vouchers. If you’re into your casino games, you’re going to have to put up £50 in wagers before you get an entry, but with the super high return rates on many casino games, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Don’t forget, you have until this Sunday 30th November to land one of the 4 daily vouchers. Good luck.