Gaming Realms LogoGaming Realms might not be the first mobile gaming operator on the tip of your tongue if you are asked to name one, but with an ever-growing presence and well deserved popularity, it’s sure to be a name we’re going to become more and more familiar with. Having just announced its figures for an impressive 2014, it’s clear that Gaming Realms is going from strength to strength, so I’ve decided to run though some reasons why you should be taking the company  seriously.

The Success

While you might be a little put off by the self-praise of this company, there’s no doubt that it’s done some impressive things over the last year or so. CEO of Gaming Realms – Patrick Southern – this week spoke out about the company’s skyrocketing success and increased revenue in 2014, calling it a ‘transformational year.

The growth in the company has been exponential, with new brands and new software driving up income. Gaming Realms went from recording £900,000 revenue in 2013, to £11.2 million last year. But what are the secrets behind such a spectacular improvement in form? Let’s take a look at some of the factors driving Gaming Realms’ to greatness…

The Brands

Pocket Fruity LogoThe classic name that springs to mind when talking of Gaming Realms has to be Pocket Fruity. The mobile casino has always had its own distinct character, thanks to the majority of its games being built in-house that gives the site a similar vibe throughout. The popularity of Pocket Fruity has grown steadily through the years of its existence, and there is no sign of abating – the recent addition of IGT games and other improvements mean that things are only getting better for the site.

The real jewel in the crown for Gaming Realms is Spin Genie. Launching in 2014 and to great acclaim, Spin Genie broke the mould for many reasons, the most obvious being its innovative use of gamification techniques. Transporting players to a new world, in addition to simply playing games, players venture around a mystical island (guided by a genie… which is also a dog…) and can score points that lead to prizes.

On top of these two top brands, you might also be interested (and perhaps surprised) to hear that Gaming Realms operates casinos like Total Gold and a host of bingo sites including Bingo Godz (also heralded for its great use of gamification), Hippo Bingo and the recently launched Lucky Charm Bingo. With each successful brand, Gaming Realms gets an extra string to its bow.

The Platform

Spin Genie LogoArguably the biggest development in the course of 2014 for Gaming Realms was the launch of its new gaming platform – Grizzly. Spin Genie was the first site to benefit from the new software, with Pocket Fruity launching on it just last week. The key to the success of the new software is that it’s all focused on making the playing experience as easy and enjoyable as possible for mobile players.

The menus are all laid out to make it simple to interact with them via a mobile interface on a phone or touch screen. Navigation around both sites is extraordinarily easy and when compared to the old platform that was used on Pocket Fruity, you can see how much clearer and pleasant it is to look at. Games are even easier to find and read about and the new platform makes the gamified elements on both sites even more enjoyable.

Why Should You Care?

While you’re not exactly going to benefit directly from the success of the company (that’s for the employees and shareholders) in the long run players will totally luck out from the company doing well. The Grizzly platform is a demonstration of what Gaming Realms can achieve on a shoestring, so just imagine the great stuff we’ll start seeing now it can afford to splash out a little more. Congrats to Gaming Realms for doing so well – now let’s make the most of it.