Silver Shamrock and Reel Totem Slots LogosBoth PocketWin and Mr Spin casinos (along with their stablemate mFortune) famously only feature their own games, tailor-made for them by their own development team at InTouch Games. This gives the casinos free reign to create exciting games with thrilling themes way outside the ordinary – strange, then, that the two new games launching at PocketWin and Mr Spin next week play on two of the most well-worn tropes of mobile slots.

The Native American theme of Reel Totem Slots at Mr Spin, and the ‘Luck of the Irish’ theme of PocketWin’s Silver Shamrock Slots are a rare turn to the mundane for InTouch, and it’ll be fascinating to see how they set these games apart from the crowd when the slots come out Monday of next week (19th December).


Silver Shamrock Slots At PocketWin Casino

This is likely to be the more contentious of the two games, given the massive prevalence of Irish themed slots throughout the online gambling world. Now, InTouch Games has a very definite look of its own, with a cartoon aesthetic being its trademark, but the quality of that carton look has really been dialed back for Silver Shamrock.

If you think of slots at PocketWin in terms of The Simpsons, other new releases (like the recent Wintastic Beasts) would be like a fresh and modern series in widescreen, while Silver Shamrock more resembles the squiggly weirdness of the first few series in the early 90s.


Silver Shamrock Slot Logo


The 5 reel, 15 adjustable payline slot ticks all the boxes of an Irish themed casino game; it features horse shoes, wishing wells, pots of gold, and lots and lots and lots of references to Leprechauns. Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying this game is bad – in fact we haven’t even had a chance to play it yet, so it would presumptuous to jump to such a conclusion – but from the face of it, it’ll be an uphill struggle to develop interest in the new game.

Redeeming features include a bonus level in which a pot of gold is incrementally lifted from a wishing well in order to establish the multiplier on the spin. And don't worry, of course be here with a full review of Silver Shamrock when it’s released.

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Reel Totem Slots At Mr Spin Casino

Although the choice to make a Wild West/Native American themed slot still seems pretty lazy, of the two games released next week, we reckon it’s a safe bet that Reel Totem will perform better with players. It feels InTouch have put a considerable bit more effort into creating a great looking slot with Reel Totem – displaying as it does the characteristic high quality graphics we’ve come to expect and enjoy from the developer.

Setting the reels between two totem poles set against an American West backdrop certainly sets a better scene than that in Silver Shamrock, while the attention to detail in the slot seems more refined too.


Reel Totem Slot Base Game


The kind of details we’re talking about are the Native American warrior and Confederate soldier who battle it out at the bottom of the reels, or the bonus game which sees multipliers selected by matching totem symbols, which makes use of the crystal clear illustration. As with the majority of InTouch Games slots, this is also a 5 reel, 15 payline game, which will likely have super broad betting options, making it accessible to players of any bankroll size.

As with Silver Shamrock, we’ve still not had a chance to have a proper go at the game, so will have to withhold judgement until we review it next week. Silver Shamrock is released at PocketWin and Reel Totem at Mr Spin next Monday, 19th December.

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