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We love a productive start of the week and couldn't be more excited to bring you the news of a new mobile slot being launched at mFortune casino. Get shooting straight with Robin's Reels, a slot based on the legendary Robin Hood who stole from the rich and gave to the poor – we won't hold it against you if you just take your winnings and keep it to yourself. Now let's take a closer look at what features this game will offer and don't forget that free £5 which mFortune give out to all new players!

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mFortune is an awesome mobile casino and hands-down one of our favourite ones. Not only is there a portfolio of some unique games developed exclusively for and by mFortune on there, but there is also the free, no deposit bonus of £5, plus further promotions, progressive jackpots, massive payouts and a really friendly overall vibe. All of that is precisely why we were so excited to hear about a brand new game and to be the very first ones to tell you all about it!


Robin's Reels mFortune Slot

Robin's Reels Slot by mFortune - Promotion BannerThe new mFortune mobile slot has a pretty unique and engaging theme based on the story of Robin Hood, the guy who stole from the rich and gave to the poor while hiding out in the Sherwood Forest. Yet, it also has got plenty of features that make sure your gameplay is smooth on pretty much any mobile device and that you can walk away with big and mega wins. Oh and the two mini-games are triggered by just two special symbols, so there is plenty of opportunity to get rich!

  • Five reels and 15 paylines, standard mFortune offering
  • Bets from 2p to £12, suitable for a variety of play strategies
  • Perfectly suitable for 99% of mobile devices, both iOS and Android
  • Deposit from £3 to £30 via mobile billing straight within the game
  • Free £5 to all new mFortune casino registered users
  • Robin's Roulette feature allows you to gamble your winnings
  • Target Practise mini-game to score multipliers

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