Viking Storm by mFortune LogoA brand new mFortune slot has just landed and we couldn't be more excited to be one of the very first sites to tell you all about it. Somehow, other slot review sites choose to ignore one of the very first mobile casinos out there and that's a pity. Let us be the ones to tell you that this new slot called Viking Storm is just the cherry on top of the gorgeous cake that is the games portfolio at mFortune. All games are packed with features, have voluptuous progressive jackpots and look smashing – all of that is true for Viking Storm as well, so let's set sail.

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About The Slot
We love a bit of fanfare in our slots and that's precisely why Viking Storm, released on the 15th of September, has got us captivated. While many of the slots that come out these days are your regular five reelers with a standardised feature here and there, but nothing massively impressive, Viking Storm is full on. Hold on to your hats!

mFortune know where the fun's at

At first glance, it can be confusing, is mFortune the casino where Viking Storm can be played or is it a software developer? Well, it's both.

Being one of the absolute first mobile casinos out there, mFortune have honed their skill at crafting amazing mobile games and keeping them exclusive to their own casino. They make slots exclusively available on mobiles first (they later add a desktop version).

This prioritisation of mobile over desktop is quite rare in the industry, but it means that mFortune are taking mobile game development absolutely seriously; it's an art and they sure know how to make slots look superb on any mobile device you might be using. 

Although the games portfolio isn't vast (not the hundreds upon hundreds of aggregated slots that some casinos have), it sure is impressive. That said, Viking Storm is, hands down, the best slots they've produced so far. In our humble opinion anywaymFortune Casino Logo

For example, when you go to browse through the information panels of the game, a huge wave comes and washes over the screen when you flip to the next page. Wawawewa. There is also this kooky guy that tries to prevent you from exiting the slot (check out the last screenshot) – that's a brilliant and funny touch.

It also has this children's theatre production type of backdrop to the reels, which seems to be all the rave now – an injection of some retro never hurt nobody.

Couple that with horned Nordic monsters, Thor Hammers and meat-and-mead loving Vikings and you've got a truly unique slot. We'd call it adventurous, in a trippy kind of way (if you know what we mean).

Stakes and winning potential

Of course, no matter how good any slot looks or feels, if it ain't giving, it ain't worth playing. However, Viking Storm is not in danger of being ditched because it doesn't pay out. In fact, it's a great low/medium variance slot that every player can get into.

Bets range from measly 2 pence to an unbelievable £300 per bet, when you stake the max on all 15 paylines. So, it can be a penny spinner as well as a high-risk affair, which we love.

In turn, the maximum win on Viking Storm is £75,000 and that's without any of the multipliers that you can get through features that trigger often enough to please our discerning minds.

All in all, it's got the looks and it's got the game, which makes it a well-rounded slot. We are convinced it will take off!


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Slot Overview

Release Date 15 September 2015
Casino mFortune Casino
Return to Player (RTP) 96%
Slot Reels/ Paylines 5 reels with 15 paylines
Min/ Max Bets 2p to £300
Max Win £75,000
Features Extra spins (5,7 or 9), Wilds, Rainbow Road, Wheel of Wealth, progressive jackpot
Verdict 5/5

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Game Features: A Whole Shipload of Them 
We weren't bluffing when we said there are plenty of features in Viking Storm. That's because mFortune are never stingy when it comes to features, period.

The usual suspects

Let us start by saying that the slot does have the ‘usual suspect' features that have become pretty standard in the industry. Without them, we aren't even sure if you could classify a mobile slot as such. For the sake of the review, let's pretend the slot is a five course meal.

An amuse-bouche would be the Wilds. They give you a little taste of the slot and what's still to come. These appear in the slot under the disguise of Viking Ships and substitute for any other symbol to get you to a winning combo. Of course, Wilds don't substitute for Bonus or Extra Spin symbols.

Next up, the starter of Extra Spins. Although starters are usually quite small to leave space for the mains, this is a massive proposition by mFortune. The symbol to look out for is the Thor'esque Hammer that's surrounded by a neon green aura of sorts.

Depending on how many Extra Spins symbols you manage to get on the reels (2,3 or 4), you get 5, 7 or 9 Extra Spins. The rounds are spun based on your last bet and any winnings are paid left to right.

Mini-games are mFortune's strong point

The main has to be the Rainbow Road feature. When you trigger it, you can see for yourself that mFortune has spared no expense when it came to developing this crafty mini-game. In fact, it looks so flawless on mobile, that we think it might be one of the best mini-game features we've ever seen!

It's triggered by at least two Rainbow Road symbols and you've got to press the mighty hammer to travel up the road, which resembles a table game of sorts. Depending on where you land, the tiles offer anything from multipliers which also accumulate as you go along, to skulls who are joykills and will send you back to the main game.

Of course, the goal is to reach the Golden Castle, offering a multiplier of 70x. Now think about getting a maximum win of £75,000 times 70 – mindblowing! Although that's super unlikely to ever happen, we like the idea of having the potential of ever winning such a huge sum in just one spin.

A second main (we told you it's a very generous slot!), you get through to the Wheel of Fortune if you get 2,3,4 or 5 symbols with the Prize Wheel portrayed. Depending on how many symbols send you to the game, your can get multipliers anywhere from 20x to 250x.

For example, if four symbols give you the chance to spin the wheel, you can achieve multipliers from 40x to 200x. You can also trigger the Wheel of Fortune during the mini-game, further maximising your wins.

Ready for dessert? Here's how to win the progressive jackpot!

Viking Storm Slot by mFortune - Win JackpotAnd lastly, dessert. Just like (nearly) every other slot on mFortune has a jackpot, Viking Storm is no different. There is a picture-perfect progressive jackpot that's there to sweeten things up!

Every progressive at mFortune is launched at a standard £2,000, so it hasn't had that much time to grow up to now, but you bet your…mobile phone it will.

It currently stands at £2,100 (minus a few cents), but mFortune progressives truly do have scope for immense growth. For example, Very Vegas has got £127,000 ready to the plucked by some lucky player.

So look out to get five symbols with the Nordic ruin stones and if that happens, hold your breath, as the jackpot will be paid out to you!


Verdict: Wild, Rewarding and Tripping Vikings
Can we just say that we love this slot? Of course we're giving it the maximum score of 5 out of 5 in this review and that's for pretty clear reasons.

You know you won't have a boring minute while playing any of the mFortune slots, as it consistenly pumps out great games. It's never held more true than with Viking Storm, which is a top performer in our book.

It has a funky story line, daring to match up Vikings and rainbows, horned devils and wheels of fortune. There are also a shipload of features waiting to be triggered, so what else could you want?

Developers can have a hard time incorporating more than one clear-cut theme into a slot and no other slot has ever been such an entertaining mishmash. For whatever reason, this crazy combination simply works in Viking Storm.

And of course, mFortune give out the famous free fiver whenever someone new registers on the site, and you get to keep whatever you win, so why not take a chance?

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