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Sherlock: Murdered To Mystery is mFortune's take on the famous detective, full of big wins!

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Sherlock: Murdered To Death – Intro

There is a new game at mFortune casino that is both bizarre yet enticing, mysterious yet very familiar at the same time. You'd be pushed to find someone who didn't know of this theme, which has been taken for a spin by so many software developers. Yet mFortune's game is unique, because it's crafted in-house, so we know for a fact that it's 100% compatible with nearly every mobile device and will function faultlessly. Not only that, but you'll also get a free £8 to check it out, no deposit and wagering requirement free. So why not put your thinking cap on and investigate all of this slot's features in our Sherlock mobile slot review?

About The Slot
It seems that not that long ago, we reviewed Viking Storm, a mobile slot from mFortune that mixed Vikings with psychedelic funk and lots of rainbows. Now, we've got an equally strange looking yet strangely tantalizing Sherlock: Murdered to Death mobile slot from them to review and this time, it's all about a hook-nosed Sherlock and the rest of the crew trying to solve a murder case. As we've already mentioned, you'll get £8 no deposit bonus to play this game for a limited time only – don't miss out!

A Gorgeously Executed Theme
We cannot quite put our finger on it, but Sherlock seems to be a departure from a more cartoony and gamey type of slot design to a realistic yet creepy animation and graphics. In fact, we'd even call this new genre ventriloquist realism, as the characters look eerie and quite pasty. Like true Brits we suppose. Just kidding!

Yet in all seriousness, while the theme certainly isn't original and many software developers have entertained it in the past, for example Yggdrasil's Holmes and the Stolen Stones, this mFortune slot is much more dark and spooky. Perhaps they intended to release it for Halloween and were just a tad bit late?

In any case, if you're into mysteries and investigations, then you'll be delighted to know that it's not only Sherlock that makes an appearance on the reels, but the rest of the crew are there too. In one way, shape or form, Watson, Lestrade, Irene Adler, Mrs Hudson and the Hound are all there.

The characters are all beautifully drawn as is the entire game. There is great attention to detail, which makes the game much more entertaining than some of the other cookie-cutter slots (we're not going to name names). For example, when you are in the Clueless feature round, more on which later, there is a policeman on the lookout, lantern in hand and all.

This sort of high spec is exactly what we expect from mFortune, who have never disappointed us with their newly released games. Although on the surface the choice of theme for a new game might seem strange, the beautiful execution is what saves it from the mobile slot gallows.

Game Features


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mFortune Are Mobile Experts
Although all slots that we review are technically mobile slots, mFortune games are truly mobile. mFortune don't create a game that's available on desktop and make it available on mobiles and tablets later, nor do they simultaneously release both versions. Nope, they focus on creating the mobile game first and foremost, perfecting it for the smartphone and tablet screens and only then, months later, the game becomes available on desktop too.

Now that's the kind of thing we like to see! So go ahead and take that phone call, because not only Sherlock: Murdered to Death, but all of mFortune's games will restart at the precise point at which you left off, even if that was mid spin. Plus, all of the control buttons and the menu items are large enough to be perfectly functional and the graphics are high quality, so that mFortune's games always look gorg.

Granted, you do have to download and install each and every of mFortune's games separately via the App Store or Google Play shop, but this gives you greater game quality than instant play and greater flexibility than downloading an entire casino suite. We're afraid we've got no good news if you like instant play, other than you must wait for the game to become available on desktop to play it then.

Standard Gameplay
Sherlock: Murdered to Death is your typical slot in many ways. It features five reels and fifteen paylines that can be adjusted to fit your bet level. That said, you can bet anywhere from just 30p to £165, which implies that this is a pretty low variance slot. The return to player is a healthy 96% and the maximum payout if you hit all five Irene Adler symbols to get the 500x mutliplier at maximum bet. That's also not too bad for a slot that offers many smallish wins.

What is slightly unusual about this new mFortune slot is that arguably the biggest wins can be achieved in regular gameplay through getting five matching symbols or scoring the progressive jackpot. That's not often said about mobile slots, which tend to offer the largest rewards through their features. And while the features of Sherlock are nice (read all about them below) and definitely bring value to the table, they aren't absolutely essential to get large wins. If the luck is on your side of course!

Wilds and Extra Spins in Sherlock: Murdered to Death
Resembling the actual Mrs Hudson, this symbol is the one to watch out for if you want to reap wins based on Wilds. She'll substitute for for any other symbol, except the Bonus one and you'll want to get five of the Wilds  in a row, cause it will yield 2,000x times your wager! And if you get a combo of Wilds mixed with Jackpot symbols then you'll get a very decent 300x mutliplier.

Plus, there are Extra Spins too, triggered by 3, 4 or 5 Extra Spins symbols which are newspapers. You can get 5, 7 or 9 Extra Spins and they can also be re-triggered, but in the considerable amount of time that we took this slot for a spin, we didn't get a single Extra Spins round.

Of course, it might have been a fluke, but we're more leaning towards the fact that it doesn't happen so often. Instead, the bonus features happen much more often, so we'd rather focus on those.

Find the Lady, Clueless and Gamble
Although their names might sound a bit weird, but those are the three main features of this mobile slot. While can't get you to absolutely mammoth winning sums, they can boost your wallet balance quite healthily.

First, Find the Lady is triggered when two or more of Moor symbols show up on the reels. You'll be faced with six clues scattered across Moors, so you've got to pick one and hope that it's a prize. You can happily go on collecting multipliers and can call it a day and collect your winnings at any time. Otherwise, if the coin is flipped and it lands on the hound, then you lose it all and walk away bare handed.

Meanwhile, we triggered Clueless with our very first spin, because all it takes are two Moriarty symbols on the reels. It's a mini slot game with three reels. You've got to spin them and match the criminal, weapon and victim colours on the reels for a multiplier. The first reel determines which colour needs to be matched. Almost always, you'll match two colours with a guaranteed win, but if you're lucky, then you could really score it big by matching all three – 5x, 8x or even larger multipliers await.

Last but not least, there is the chance to Gamble any of your winnings under £1,000. You'll be faced with a giant pocket watch and get to choose which multiplier you'd like to go for: 15x, 12x, 6x, 4x, 3x or 2x. Clearly, while there is just a slither of a chance to get the biggest one, your chances increase if the multiplier decreases. So, it really is up to you if you'd like to double your winnings (very likely to happen), or aim for the stars (not very likely to achieve it).

How To Get To The Progressive Jackpot
Although the mFortune progressives are launched at pretty low sums, it can soon accumulate to become a sizable win that you'll want to hit. Multiple thousand of pounds can be yours if you get lucky with your payline combos.

Specifically, if you get five Sherlock symbols, then you get to walk away with the progressive jackpot. While we think it doesn't happen very often, otherwise it would be no jackpot, your chances are pretty high compared to getting the progressives of other software developing houses. Granted, it will still not happen left and right, but since you can score it through regular play, it's looking good!

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