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Little Red Riding Reels – Intro

We struggle when it comes to picking a favourite casino of ours that hand-crafts their slot machines to be unique and work flawlessly on mobile. There are a few serious contenders for the title, but we have to say that mFortune has honed the art of software development to perfection. That's why we're reviewing yet another new mFortune title – Little Red Riding Reels – with great gusto. Based on the famous children's story, this mobile slot isn't as innocent as it appears, with many great features, big payouts and even a hipster lumberjack symbol on the reels awarding big wins.

About The Slot
Just last month, mFortune have taken on the challenge of developing a game based on a famed story of Sherlock and we thought that they've done a pretty decent job. Now, the casino-come-software-developer has shifted to a topic that'd please both five year olds and mobile gamblers who enjoy classic themed slots with the Red Riding Little Reels. We simply had to check out this slot, not only because mFortune always pack interesting features into their slots and make it highly enjoyable, but also because this newest slot now features the free £8 no deposit bonus for a limited time.

Tackling An Overly Familiar Theme
While Sherlock, mFortune's game that was released just before Christmas, saw the casino depart from the usual cartooney game design, Little Red Riding Reels goes right back to it. With overly exaggerated character features, a picture-perfect game backdrop and lots of primary colours, this slot will appeal to those who generally like the mFortune slot portfolio.

We all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood upon which the slot is based: a girl joyously skipping through the forest with a picnic basket full of goodies, the evil wolf that eats the girl's grandma and waits for Little Red Riding Hood to show up to consume her too. Quite idyllic, isn't it?

We do like a playful theme every once in a while, but we aren't totally convinced that it could become our favourite, go-to slot every time we feel like gambling on our mobiles. Sure, it's pretty as a picture and the subject has been tackled quite well considering there are multiple slots with the same theme from other developers, it doesn't have quite enough ever-lasting appeal that games such as Starburst have. Now, that's a classic, sans the child book theme.

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Show Me The Money
Yet, the slot isn't all child's play- there's real money to be won of course! With five reels and 15 paylines, this game offers players to bet anywhere from just 5p per spin (or 75p per spin with all paylines activated) to a good £10 per spin (£150 if all paylines are activated). If you'll agree, this makes Little Red Riding Reels a low to medium variance slot, depending on how high stakes you want to play it.

And the winning payline combos definitely can take it to a higher level if you're willing to risk it. We say – screw the many small wins and you should really be going for the Little Red Riding Hood, the Granny or the sexy Lumberjack symbols, four and five of which offer pretty sizable payouts. For example, five of the Lumberjack good-lookers will multiply your win by 300 and five grannies will get you a 550x multiplier!

That said, the RTP is a very healthy 95.5% and the maximum payout is £75,000. That'd be a really nice sum to take home after a hard day's of work. And by work we mean working this mFortune slot, of course. Plus, the game works beautifully on mobile – mFortune's slots are notorious for being unbreakable on pretty much any and every mobile device out there. You simply download the game onto your phone and there it is sitting on your phone desktop, waiting to be discovered!

As those who are familiar with mFortune games can tell, Little Red Riding Reels doesn't stray far away from the typical gameplay set-up that the developers at this casino always go for. Straight-forward yet based on solid graphics, attractive sounds and visualisations, and featuring a very fair chance of scoring it big, this mobile slot is just the thing.

Wilds and Extra Spins
Straightforwardly, the Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol except the Bonus and the mini game symbols. And although the progressive jackpot cannot be won with Wilds on the payline, getting any combo of wilds and jackpot symbols will ensure a hefty win. For example, five of wilds/jackpots will get you 300x your bet!

Meanwhile, the Extra Spins are also pretty straight-forward. Three, four or five of the cosmic green coloured shroom symbols will get you 5, 7 or 9 extra spins respectively. Plus, they also offer the multipliers of 10x, 30x and 100x (respectively) so that you walk away with winnings rather large. Good times!

Mini Games Are There To Distract And Entertain
As much as we love mFortune slots for their mini-games, we must admit that they're mostly there to entertain and to distract the players from the actual gameplay. That's because the mini features are triggered pretty often (you only need two bonus symbols) and you'll soon find yourself skipping to grandma's in the Go To Granny's feature or picking out food baskets in the Grabba Goodie feature.

More specifically, Go To Granny's is the most true to the actual children's book, as it sees Little Red Riding Hood character skip and hop her way across a gameboard of eight steps to the grand prize of scoring a 100x multiplier.

You simply spin the wheel and inch closer to your goal, but watch out for that evil wolf lurking in the bushes behind you! If you land on the wolf symbol, your hopes of getting your winnings multiplied are shattered and you go back to regular gameplay straight away.

Next up is the Grabba Goodie, where players are faced with a stark, stark decision of picking picnic baskets which they think will contain good food as opposed to smelly fish bones. Get one of those putrid smelling pieces of junk, and you'll go back to the usual gameplay – game over!

Hitting The Progressive Jackpot Of Little Red Riding Reels
If you're familiar with mFortune games, you'll know that the vast majority of them are launched as progressive jackpot slots. While the sum to be won doesn't start out large  – just the humble £3,000 – they quickly go on to reach surprising maturation. Currently, Little Red Riding Reels' jackpot stands at £3,293.48. You can get yourself that sum of money by collecting five of the Red Riding Hood symbols. So look out for that cheeky lass, which has a full head of blond hair and pretty blue eyes.

For example, one of the most popular of mFortune's games is Snakes and Ladders with a progressive jackpot currently standing at £65,019.10. And other games follow similar suit, with jackpots in excess of £10,000, £25,000 £45,000 and similar.

What we're trying to say is that you shouldn't shy away from this slot if you are obsessed with progressive jackpots that are mega huge. Smaller jackpots are equally as thrilling to try to get to, not only because there is a higher chance of you actually winning it, but also because the game is bloody great too!

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