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Dr Zoolittle – Intro

If you've always loved the story of the friendly animal doctor Dr Dolittle, then you will delight with the news that Dr Zoolittle mobile slot has just launched at PocketWin. And although it won't give you any magical abilities to speak to wild animals, what it does have is a modern interface, fun gameplay and offers all the usual features that PocketWin slots usually have. In fact, with just a dozen games on the site, Dr Zoolittle is a great addition and will vary up the theme offerings quite nicely. Read our review of Dr Zoolittle mobile slot to find out all about it.

About The Slot
In Touch Gaming is on a roll, developing a bunch of new games in 2016 for its brand casinos already. One of those games is Dr Zoolittle and it will be exclusively available at PocketWin casino and all its punters. Considering that the game portfolio at this mobile casino is very limited – just a dozen titles – this game is a welcome addition in our eyes.

Animals roam wild, the reels are nicely animated, the background is engaging and the features are all fun and pretty easy to trigger. Yet, how about the wins? Well, given the fact that this is a fairly low variance slot, the reels yield moderate wins pretty often, but you have to stick around to land some big ones. Don't get us wrong – it's possible! That's especially true because mini-games can yield multipliers of up to 100x.

Genuinely Mobile
Let's start by not reviewing the game directly, but by saying that we forgot how good it feels to play a game that's 100% made for mobile devices. It feels awesome! Although every game that comes out these days purports to be ‘mobile,' the same high quality is hardly every achieved. So what does In Touch Gaming do differently?

First of all, you must download and install every single one of their games on each mobile device you wish to play on. A bit annoying and time consuming? Yes, but only just that one time and the payoff is so worth it. Once you have installed the game, the gaming experience couldn't be smoother: you won't experience any glitches, lags, freezes or anything of that kind.

The game purrs like a kitten on the supported mobile devices – 99% of all the ones in existence, really. You can take calls, pause the reels and grab yourself a coffee while chatting with your best mate, then resume the gaming and carry on exactly where you left off. How brilliant is that?

We surely are sold and have not found a better mobile gaming experience than at PocketWin casino, calling itself ‘mobile' for all the right reasons. Plus, you can use mobile phone billing to deposit anywhere from just £3 to £30 a day without even leaving the game. The handy in-game banking system will allow you to have as little interruption to your gaming as possible – now that's what we call good user experience!

Game Features


Return to player

Payout lines

Minimum bet (p)

Maximum bet (£)

Traditional Gameplay And Unique Graphics
In Touch Gaming have really not strayed far away from what games they usually put out. Namely, the slot is a five reel, fifteen payline game that has two mini-games, Wilds and a Extra Spins round too. The bets from 2p to £12 are also fairly standard as is the return to player percentage that always hovers around 96% for PocketWin games.

The maximum win that you can claim in this wild animal themed slot is 500x your bet, which might not be absolutely huge, but it does keep the momentum going and the players interested as to what win is lurking around the next zoo corner.

But let's talk more about the graphics of this game, as it really is the first thing that stands out. While other PocketWin slots, such as Sinbad: Slots of Gold, will have you spin the reels and it's all business as usual, Dr Zoolittle has got wooden animal shipping crates that appear on the reels and burst out to reveal the symbols. It's a fun animation and during our few hours test driving the game, it didn't get boring. Thumbs up for that.

Plus, the reels are framed by a pretty cool setting of palm trees, flowers, snakes and when the crates burst, they reveal the background. In it, a big city skyline is joined by various people silhouettes, visitors of the zoo we assume. Even a child is flying around in the sky holding a whole bunch of balloons – talk about creativity!

Win Up To Nine Extra Spins
An admission ticket to tonnes of fun, please! The Extra Spins symbol is a stub ticket and will get you spins that you won't have to pay for! Three scatters will award five Extra Spins, four scatters will get you seven and five will award the maximum of nine Extra Spins.

Plus, each of the three possibilities also carries a multiplier, which will nicely boost any win of yours. Three Extra Spins symbols means a multiplier of 10x, four means 30x and five will award a multiplier of 100x. All fun, fair and quite rewarding.

Two Mini-Games And A Progressive Jackpot Too
The mini-games are standard to most PocketWin games and as always, they are engaging and triggered by just two Mini-Game symbols. This means that you'll often find yourself playing both Feeding Time and Breakout, but what are they about? First, depending on how many mini-game symbols you get through to the Feeding Time feature, the size of the multipliers will differ:

  • 2 symbols – 15x to 40x
  • 3 symbols – 25x to 55x
  • 4 symbols – 30x to 80x
  • 5 symbols – 50x to 100x

This is simply a pick and choose at random game, where you'll be presented with boxes. Each contains food that's either good or spoiled rotten. Pick good food items and you'll continue collecting multipliers, but hit a junk item and the mini-game will be finished. But don't worry – you'll get to keep the last multiplier you hit before the junk.

Now, let's switch gears to the Breakout mini-game. This is also triggered by at least two scatter symbols on the winning payline and the same multipliers as in Feeding Time can be won based on the number of scatters. In this feature, you will unleash the hungry gorilla, that goes rummaging for lunch boxes in the picnic area.

This is yet another pick and choose game that will ask you to pick a lunch box with a random multiplier in it. Once you've made your choice, you'll be asked to confirm – is that really the one you've got the most craving for? If yes, click on it again and the gorilla will grab it, crack it own and munch down on the multiplier contained within it. That's all!

Lastly, although not much information is presented about the progressive jackpot, the PocketWin jackpots usually launch at £2,000 and we're just going to assume that this is the case for Dr Zoolittle too. You might think that it's quite a low sum, but rest assured that this does grow quickly as PocketWin has such a large player base. You could soon look at a jackpot of £10,000 or even more!

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