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Come Win With Me – Intro

Are you one of the millions of viewers of Come Dine with Me? This popular reality show pits four amateur chefs against each other in a bid to host the best dinner party. The competitors attend each other’s dinner parties and rates the host’s performance; the winner with the highest score then gets a £1,000 cash prize. The secret ingredient of the show is really the casting of strange and dramatic characters.

Well, the TV show is so popular here in the UK that PocketWin Mobile Casino has commemorated it with a similar slot game. Titled Come Win with Me, the game respects the TV show’s roots by preserving the ridiculous selection of characters and skillfully creating mini-games to fit into the narrative. You get to serve guests and your guests come bringing cash multipliers! No cooking or entertaining skills required on your part either. It’s a real thrill.

About The Slot
Come Win with Me is set up like a typical slot. It has five reels and 20 paylines. The reels are loaded with a whole roster of interesting dinner guest characters. There’s a sexy mink, a topless hunk, a hipster in dreadlocks, an old man dressed in disco and few other strange characters. It’s quite similar to the interesting lineup that you’ll find on the TV show. Aside from the regular symbols, there are also extra spins and two bonus symbols.

Wager start at only 2p per line, so you’re looking at a 40p minimum bet if you intend to play with the maximum number of paylines each time. Given the low stakes, Come Win With Me would be one of those slots you can easily turn to on any boring night. Players can also raise the stakes to £1 per payline, making the game truly suitable for all types of budgets and appetites.

The game has relatively low volatility. Slot volatility is the measure of how steady or turbulent a typical gaming session plays out. In Come Win With Me, you won’t expect many sudden big wins. Rather, the game delivers a steady stream of small wins. There aren’t any long gaps with no wins either and that’s always a good thing.

How Does This Mobile Slot Perform?
Come Win With Me is designed in PocketWin’s signature cartoon-ish style. The caricatures are playful and fits the original comedy’s style perfectly. You can almost imagine the banter and underhanded insults between the characters. The game is set to some forgettable background music; it’s not intrusive and just ebbs and flows along with the game. The game is as reliable as ever and works flawlessly on all mobile devices.

Here in our MobileSlots4U office, we’ve tried the game on an iPhone, Android phone and tablet. The game also has a nifty Autoplay feature so you can play without lifting a finger. If only we could “Auto-Cook” actual food for dinner. Besides that, there is the small hassle of needing to download and install the game app – PocketWin sends you a link to download after you enter your mobile number on the website – but no other complaints otherwise.

Game Features


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Game Features: Dinner Spinner & Spin to Win!
Now, let’s get into my favourite parts of the game. Come Win With Me has two mini-games titled “What’s The Score” and “Dinner Spinner”. If you’re familiar with the TV show, you’ll recognize major elements of the show in these mini games. The first game, “What’s the Score” riffs off the section of the show where each guest judges the host (and shares their strongly-worded opinion of the host’s performance).

In this Come Win With Me, you’ll find that each dinner guest with a blank card as well. However, it’s not to judge your performance. Behind each card, there are prizes such as extra spins and multipliers. You’ll pick your favourite dinner guest and take home whichever prize he/she has to offer.

On the contrary, “Dinner Spinner” is a spin-the-wheel kind of mini game. In this scenario, you’ve got a hungry diner to feed. You’ll press Spin on the loaf of bread. If your needle lands on food, your diner is happy and you pick up a tip (in the form of cold hard cash). If your needle lands on the red exclamation mark, your guest goes hungry and you don’t win anything. Your ultimate aim is to spin your way through three courses, at the end of which you’ll earn a fabulous prize. Both mini games are triggered if you score three or more bonus symbols on an active payline.

The game designer of Come Win With Me has also packed in a Gamble Feature and that’s always fun. Every time you win, you can gamble it and potentially multiply your win by 12 times! It’s not just your typical gamble game where you pick one of two cards; instead it’s a full-blown instant win game.

The game involves guessing which two playing cards will be drawn out of the 13 cards arranged around the wheel. You’re looking to get two adjacent cards, odds or evens, group of colours or suits. Different pairs rewards you with different multipliers. If you’re feeling lazy, you can also hit the lucky picker for a random selection.

Then, press Spin to send the cards spinning and see what it lands on. If it hits your highlighted cards, you win! Unfortunately, if the spinner doesn’t land on your selection, you’ll give up your winnings. It’s a pure game of chance and you have to be bold enough to risk it if you want to win it. Of course, you don't have to gamble; just press “Collect & Exit” to take what you've already won. You can also turn off the Gamble feature from triggering itself after every winning spin by configuring the settings on the main screen.

Free £5 With No Deposit Required
If you aren’t sold on the game yet, wait until you learn about PocketWin’s bonuses. PocketWin offers a really compelling reason for players to try this new game – free cash. All new players get £5 free with no deposit required. What’s even better: you get to keep every penny of your winnings! In my opinion, this 1x requirement clause is what sets PocketWin apart from other mobile casinos.

Other casinos would give away bonuses with lots of strings attached (wager 30x the bonus amount before you can withdraw, make a minimum commitment of £20 and so on), PocketWin is sincere and just gives you £5 to play with. In addition, PocketWin also matches your first deposit so that you have double the amount of cash to play with!

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Come Win With Me – No cooking or entertaining skills required on your part either. It’s a real thrill.

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