Over the past few months, there has seemingly been an explosion of mobile slot providers arriving on the scene, joining the already established names of sites such as LadyLucks and mFortune. This has been recently demonstrated by the arrival of Pocket Win, which is the new kid on the block and a clear indicator that the world of mobile slots is growing rapidly.

The reason for the massive interest in mobile slots is clear – the mobile world is slowly but surely starting to eclipse the traditional internet as the way people like to play slot machines. The facts that people can now play mobile slots without having to be at home is obviously appealing, with the added fact that many people are now solely using tablets and don’t even have computers anymore. Samir Ullah – the owner of mobileslots4u, a website dedicated to mobile slots news and reviews – had this to say on the matter: “Mobile slots are clearly gaining ground on the more traditional gambling habits and are turning into a dominant force within the industry. As most business minded people know, once something proves lucrative, other businesses will jump on the bandwagon and try to cash in – as has been proved with mobile slots.”

Perhaps a more pertinent question to ask though is what this increase in competition will mean for mobile slots and the people who regularly play them. On this matter, Ullah comments: “It can only be a good thing that this is happening. With increased competition, we’ll see bigger incentives for people to play at a specific site, as the site in question looks to attract players and stay afloat. This will mean larger bonuses and, perhaps most importantly, bigger jackpots for all players.”

There will, of course, come a time where some mobile slots sites win through and become the dominant force in the industry. Until that time though, the number of sites will only keep growing. It is really up to the players on these sites to decide which sites will succeed and which will fall by the wayside and never be heard from again…

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