Man Bored on PhoneWhat are the things in life which bore you the most, and what do you do to combat that boredom? Those were the questions posed by Casumo Casino this week, as they tried to uncover the things that drive us to distraction, and the distractions that drive us back to insanity.

While – as with everything to do with the human brain – everyone’s set of answers will be unique and subjective, there’s a surprising amount of crossover in the responses of people asked. So, how do we combat boredom and why is the answer to this question important to online and mobile gambling operators like Casumo?

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Boredom and Betting

It’s unsurprising that an online and mobile casino might be interested in the boredom levels of people, given that one of the main reasons what online gambling exists – especially in the mobile age – is to distract people from their boredom. The majority of us mobile gamblers do the majority of our gambling in the times between other activities in our life, when we’re waiting for other things to happen, or just have nothing else to do. In other words, we do most of our gambling at times of boredom.

Understanding what it is that makes us bored and how best to curb boredom is super valuable information for online and mobile gambling operators, as it lets them know the best times and ways to market their products to you, or encourage you to come back and play. It also helps developers understand how to make games which better combat boredom, with features developed specifically to keep you engaged and entertained.


Casumo Combatting Boredom

Casumo Casino LogoAs online and mobile casinos go, Casumo has done a lot more than the average to ensure their players never get bored. Aside from ensuring it offers hundreds of the top slots and casino games from dozens of your favourite game developers, Casumo has gamified its entire site, meaning that even if you’re not within a specific game, you’re still playing the Casumo Adventure.

Throughout the casino you can earn points for playing games, win trophies, unlock exclusive content, and best of all, claim exclusive and personalised bonuses. All this means that Casumo players are among the most engaged you’ll find at any casino, and thus the least bored.

But we’re not just talking about mobile casino players here, we’re talking about people in general, and while you might this that most of us would turn to our phone first in times of boredom either to play slots, scroll Facebook, or watch videos of cats), you might be surprised to hear that Casumo found that to be only the third most common boredom busting technique reported by people asked.

The full list looks like this:

  1. Watch TV
  2. Read a book
  3. Look at your phone
  4. Go on a computer/laptop
  5. Listen to music
  6. Go for a walk
  7. Watch a film
  8. Use a tablet
  9. Complete a puzzle
  10. Take a nap

While I think we can all identify with many of the entries on this list (in fact, I’ll often watch TV, check my phone and fall asleep for a nap all in one fell swoop), I can’t remember the last time I completed (or for that matter started) a puzzle. Other than playing mobile slots at great casinos like Casumo, what do you do to combat boredom?

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