space-hatz-title-pagemFortune has been known to take its players to unique and wonderful places. Since its inception, it has lived up to the reputation of being a truly mobile gaming service with downloadable content instead of immediately available games. This provides the advantage of having the game on your device with no need for an internet connection which comes in very handy when your phone has no signal on the train home from work. Their latest outing, Space Katz, continues this trend of creative titles and sense of adventure by giving players a uniquely designed slot and some pretty awesome bonuses. Space Katz is out at the end of this week so read on to find out why it's worth your time to download.

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Main Features of Space Katz

space-hatz-iphone-1This slot is tonnes of fun. As well as having a cutesy theme of cats in space, the feline symbols activate some cool bonuses that make the game worth playing even more. The reel itself doesn't even spin — the symbols float away then come back in a different order.

This may seem odd at first but then your realise this makes perfect sense as the game is set in the zero-G environment of space (though we weren't expecting this level of realism in a game with cartoon cats in it). It just goes to show the attention to detail that the developers of mFortune games put into their work and the main features demonstrate this further.

  • Space Ball Multiplier — Earn 2 or more symbols on an active winline and you could end up in the space ball multiplier. The more symbols you get the higher the multiple. Simply press the space ball to edge along the rope then watch the winnings pour in!
  • Gamble Galaxy — Spin the dial on the radar and if the dial lands on a light area, you multiply your wager depending on which multiple you choose before you spin.
  • Extra Spins — Of course we have extra spins also! And if you play things right, you could get up to 100 of them.


About mFortune Casino

mFortune Small LogoAs described before, mFortune has mastered the mobile-first philosophy to game development. Its library may not be exactly extensive but the games that are available are all easily downloaded from your respective app store. It continues to prove why it's one of our favourite casinos time and time again and we are always forever thankful to them for providing such great content. Our rides on the train are certainly less boring thanks to them.

We will be reviewing Space Katz in more detail soon. Watch our mobile slot reviews section if you want to hear our overall verdict which should arrive in the next couple of days.

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