mFortune’s mobile casino spent last week introducing some big news to their members, giving some bonus money to some talented fans, and handing out a nice prize to one lucky player.

Here’s a recap of all the news from last week at mFortune (4 July – 10 July)!

Time for some big news

On Wednesday, mFortune announced that they would be giving away a Playstation 3 for their Bingo Prize Draw on Friday. A Playstation 3 isn’t a bad prize just for playing a little bingo!

A hot summer game and a bunch of winners

On Thursday, mFortune announced a summer game on their Facebook page. They released a word search picture and fans were told to find as many of the holiday hotspots that they could in the word search.

There were 20 hotspots in all and fans could win anywhere from £3 to £5 for finding 16-20 on the inviting destinations.

Over 50 mFortune members and Facebook fans won the bonus money, which was credited directly to their account at mFortune. Again, fun and money, not bad!

More big news, and a BIG winner!

On Friday, mFortune announced the release of their new bingo app for the iPhone equipped with some new features and a supped up bingo playing experience.

Just as mFortune was speaking about bingo, Lisa from Rowley Regis won the Bingo Draw and the Playstation 3! What a great way to end the week at mFortune, with a giant WINNER!

Being an active member comes with perks

mFortune’s mobile casino hands out jackpots and prizes every week. The lucky players win BIG and get their names posted. Keep playing, and maybe you’ll be on next week’s list of big winners at mFortune! Read our mFortune review here and get a big bonus.

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